Drug Rehab Florida

We provide residential treatment programs for those struggling with drug addiction. We educate the drug abuser and help them understand the short and long term effects of drug abuse and addiction. Education is the key to being able to commit, to the self-help part, of any cure.   Know thy enemy and your enemy is drugs. Our beautiful drug rehab Florida center in North Miami Beach is staffed by professionals, in the fields of detoxification and drug addiction treatments. Our trained staff will help you understand why you got into drugs and how you can be helped to change your life and live without them. We explain your physical and mental addiction to your drug of choice. We set up treatments that are custom-tailored to help you reach sobriety and a life-long freedom from addiction. Because you are an individual, your addiction and therefore your cure are individualized also.

Our Treatment

After a thorough, medically monitored detoxification, treatment can begin in earnest. Physical health and mental health issues are fully addressed and when indicated by a dual diagnosis, treated conjointly. We employ only the most modern, cutting-edge, approved methods under the strict supervision of our medical professionals.

Pleasant Comfortable Accommodations

Transitions Recovery Drug Rehab Florida lovely spacious campus serves as a model of what such facilities should be like. We serve healthy, attractive and tasty meals more like homemade. Our campus is well lit, safe and secure, but with a resort-like feel and ambiance.

We Help You Heal Yourself

Nothing we can do at Transitions Recovery will work without your help. We treat addiction like a family disease, because it often affects every aspect of a family’s time together. You will get family sessions, group sessions besides individual counseling and therapy. Enrolling in Transitions Recovery Drug Rehab Florida program will start your life on the path to recovery. This is the most important decision you will ever make. You are entering the very best drug rehabilitation center in Florida, with one of the highest success rates in the country.

No Overnight Cure

You will need to attend aftercare sessions once you have finished your residential treatments. Drug rehabilitation is a life-long process and we offer continued support as you leave us and once again enter the big bad world.
We have counseling and support groups to help our graduates stay on the right path and avoid a relapse. It is important to use this added support when you leave the drug rehab center. A clean sober life can be yours with the drug rehab Florida programs and aftercare through Transitions Recovery.

Call Transitions Recovery today. Our toll-free phone number is 1 -800-298-1783.