Miami Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Transitions Recovery

Transitions Recovery, located in Miami Florida, is a national leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment.  We are a  reality-based, extended care Drug Rehab Center. Our beautiful, semi-tropical Miami, Florida is plagued by four main drug problems: cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and the “date rape” or “party drugs”, such as Ecstasy, GHB and Special K. Of course alcoholism and prescription drug abuse are problems here as well.

Many of the people walking up and down the palm-lined streets don’t even believe they have a real drug or alcohol addiction problem. Everything is just cool – no problem. Thank goodness that in most cases they have loving and concerned families who intervene, in their behalf. At Transitions Recovery Drug Rehab Center Miami we help you to end the addiction to drugs and alcohol, beginning with a medically supervised detoxification, which is controlled and monitored by medical and psychiatric professionals, even before the start of treatment.

Our Drug Rehab Miami purges the patient’s system of the addictive drugs or alcohol, before we start our personalized addiction treatment. We offer much more than just sunshine and fresh air. The personalized detoxification process used by, Transitions Drug Rehab Center Miami can make all the difference in the success of a patient’s addiction treatment and ultimately the cost and length of recovery time.

Call Transitions Drug Rehab Miami helpline NOW at 1-800-626-1980, 24/7.

Transitions Recovery Drug Rehab Center Miami provides a peaceful environment for our unique and effective programs. Transitions Recovery Drug Rehab Miami is recognized as the leading provider of quality chemical dependency treatment and detoxification, anywhere in the U.S.  Our drug rehab center Miami provides a compassionate and nurturing environment for men and women, from all over the country, who are faced with the challenges of alcoholism and drug dependency.