Drug Rehabilitation Florida

You cannot end your drug addiction by yourself. Too many addicts have tried and too many addicts have failed. Our lovely subtropical drug rehabilitation Florida center in sunny North Miami Beach offers a wide variety of programs to help individuals and families afflicted with drug addiction. At Transitions Recovery, we provide the support and treatments needed for the recovery process to happen.

The Help Offered Through Drug Rehabilitation

After detoxification, each patient’s individual needs are assessed using state of the art diagnostic tools in the hands of our professional staff. Transitions has a total-wellness focus that includes fitness, nutrition, and alternative pain management techniques. During drug rehabilitation and treatment, a strong base is developed in recovery skills, as well as a focus on issues such as relationships, assertiveness, anger management, co-existing mental health conditions, spirituality, and relapse prevention. At our drug rehabilitation, Florida center patients can expect intensive treatment through groups, educational presentations, individual therapy and our 12-step meetings. Healing must involve mind, body, and spirit and can’t truly take place if one of the three is still addicted.

Treatment Levels at Transitions Recovery

At our drug rehabilitation Florida center, Transitions Recovery, your first level of treatment will be the detoxification, followed by residential therapy at our drug rehabilitation center and you will be taking part in all of the scheduled group and family activities in addition to your own individualized therapies. You will be taught coping skills and made ready to face the outside world. Aftercare is the final level and may continue in one form or another for life.

Family Involvement

Our highly successful substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery programs address the needs of family members and significant others. When the patient is facing treatment in our drug rehab program, the involvement of family members is crucial. Those closest to the substance abuse patient are considerably affected by the drug addiction behavior and require attention to their own suffering. Because the lives of all family members are inseparable, substance abuse is most effective when treated as a family disease.


At our drug rehabilitation Florida center is the importance of aftercare cannot be overstressed. Aftercare is basically a continuation of your drug rehabilitation Florida program once you have left residency. You are trying to resume a normal life, but an ongoing program of education and reinforcement is and will remain important all through your recovery.