Drug Treatment FL

Any addict will benefit from Transitions Recovery Drug Treatment FL. Although our success rate is well above average, we cannot help those who won’t enroll and millions won’t.
Once enrolled you will start an anti-addiction “boot camp”, where we give you the coping skills, knowledge and treatments to better insure your success. It doesn’t have the physical demands of military “basic training” but it is a highly structured and proven approach to curing addiction. 


Intervention is when someone who cares steps in and initiates your recovery. Very few have the will power to initiate recovery on their own, or may not even understand that they have become addicted. Addiction affects the entire family and Transitions Recovery Center encourages family participation. Clinical research shows again and again that recovery rates are substantially higher when the family is involved in the recovery process.

Our Primary Treatment

Nothing can start until after a thorough detoxification. It is only after your body releases all remnants of the addictive chemistry that the hard work of recovery can start. We will not try to kid you; the physical and mental anguish caused by withdrawal can be intense. You will be closely monitored and protected every step of the way.  Transitions Drug Treatment FL center in North Miami Beach starts into the meaty part of addiction therapy right up front. Our highly motivated and professional staff gives treatments, starting with the hardest, most intense first and tapering off near the end of your time with us. This method has been likened to “boot camp” for that reason, but no system, yet devised, works better for addiction recovery. You will be able to eventually re-enter your life outside of our treatment center at the end of your primary treatment phase, but until then you will face extensive education, re-enforcement and therapies every day. As you improve these sessions taper off somewhat while coping and interpersonal skills are highlighted.

Sober Living

Sober Living is the less intense part of your treatment, where you are drug free, but still living in our drug treatment FL facility. Sober living is a transitional period so that you can slowly adjust to once again “living on the outside”. You have achieved sobriety, but you may still need help, to remain sober on your own.  You still have the support you need in a safe, controlled environment, while you enter into real life again.


Our drug treatment FL center offers an aftercare program that starts when you have finished your sober living program and are ready to graduate. When you have left Transitions Recovery drug treatment campus and are living in the real world again, you will need to have a support system that helps keep you on the path of life-long sobriety. Our aftercare program is all about continued support. Like most of our programs we customize the type of support to suite the individual patient. Please don’t discount the importance of our after care programs. It is a dangerous world out there and sometimes you need professional support to stay on the path to sobriety. Think of our aftercare programs as your personal GPS to a clean and sober future.