Drug Treatment Florida

Drug treatment Florida style can only mean Transitions Recovery in warm, sunny North Miami Beach. Patients receive attention to all aspects of their addiction through the holistic approach at our drug rehab center. Drug treatment may first deal with depression, eating disorders, unresolved issues of trauma and abuse, sexual addiction and training in stress or anger management. We emphasize the needs of our patients and their families and support healing during the recovery process for the mind, body, and spirit of individuals and their loved-ones. Our drug rehab program treatment gradually and systematically prepares patients to handle everyday stress and still remain drug and alcohol-free.

Traditional Drug Treatment

There is no beauty in drug addiction. We believe that beauty can be a part of the recovery process, thus our drug treatment Florida site offers a lovely, safe and secure campus in America’s sub-tropical beauty spot of South Florida. Our substance abuse treatment programs recognize that drug addiction is a treatable condition with a high potential for successful recovery. The awareness and understanding achieved through our drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment programs helps lead our patients to life-long healing and recovery.

Transitions Recovery provides comprehensive behavioral healthcare services in a reality-based, extended care setting in North Miami Beach. Our drug addiction treatment includes opportunities for patients to face realistic, appropriate, everyday challenges and use new coping methods as they are readied to re-enter society.  Our patients are treated with dignity and respect all through their recovery and healing, with the hope of a much better tomorrow. Residents at our drug treatment programs live in a sunny and pleasant gated apartment community and are made responsible for the daily tasks of normal living, with supervision and curfews in place. Compassionate, supportive care by qualified drug treatment professionals is available at every stage of recovery. Crucial support for drug abuse treatment is provided through job preparation, training in life skills, lifetime aftercare, and peer support.

 The Varied Approach

The drug treatment Florida offers is most beneficial at Transitions Recovery because it means a varied approach that is completely customizable to the individual needs of our patients. Your therapy, therefore, may include a combination of holistic and traditional treatments. This is the only way that your treatment can be truly successful and give the long-term results we strive to provide. We combine treating you as the whole person, with treating individual aspects of your addiction. Our patients require a unique treatment plan that may not suite the next individual. Some patients need the benefits of a more natural holistic approach, while others get a greater benefit from a traditional medical treatment. You can be sure that our highly trained professionals will map out exactly the best therapeutic path possible.

Relapse Prevention

Core coping skills and many other issues are noted and evaluated by our counselors. Focusing on the addiction alone means that only the physical aspects of your addiction will be addressed and that method will quickly lead to failure. Transitions Recovery drug treatment programs highlight the proper use of leisure time, anger management issues, codependency issues, communication skills, and many other interactive skills and challenges. Experiencing Transitions drug treatment Florida style is just about the best option that is available today. At Transitions Recovery you will receive the total healing that you need to reach life-long, drug-free sobriety.