FL Addiction Treatment

FL Addiction Treatment Centers come in two flavors – Transitions Recovery and everybody else. We offer programs to address both the physical and mental aspects of drug addiction. We perform these services in one of the country’s most attractive locations – our lovely campus in sunny, sub-tropical North Miami Beach. We believe that an attractive and safe environment is a great first step to recovery. Our treatment center is called Transitions Recovery and we are the most effective, of our kind, because we incorporate a wide variety of treatment options in this safe and private location. Our patients have the attention, therapies and the support they need to reach their goal of a drug-free future.

Our FL Addiction Treatment Center Offers:

  • Complete medically supervised detoxification.
  • Comfortable accommodations, spacious, separate residences for men and women, healthy meals and nutritional consultation for special dietary needs.
  • The most up-to-date therapies and diagnostic tools, to best set up our highly effective treatment programs.
  • Family-based therapies and counseling sessions.
  • A follow-up aftercare service that is second to none.
  • Programs and treatment for eating disorders sex and gambling addictions; recovery programs for chronic pain; help with trauma resolution, healthy boundaries, codependency, managing moods, grief and loss and anger management.

The first part of your Transitions Recovery Florida addiction treatment is called detoxification and it revolves around your physical withdrawal, after complete abstinence, from the chemical cause of your addiction. Every step of your detox is monitored and medically supervised. Once detox removes the remaining chemical poisons from your body, your individualized treatment can begin. You cannot heal mentally or psychologically until you are no longer physically dependent on your drug.

Transitions Florida Addiction Treatment Can Help

Individualized therapies in Transitions treatment program came about because no two patients are alike; just as no two addictions are alike. Education, structure and taking responsibility are key components to a full recovery.  Group therapy gives our patients the advantage of being able to see themselves in others as well as through the eyes of others; getting useful feedback and learning to share true feelings and experiences. Each person’s journey to recovery is different and can be dramatically enhanced by choosing the right Florida addiction treatment center. Talk to a FL addiction treatment expert today by calling Transitions Recovery toll-free at (800) 626-1980.