Fla, Drug Treatment

A lot of our efforts go into individualizing drug rehab programs at our FLA drug treatment facility in North Miami Beach. No one becomes an addict overnight so the causes and results of this addiction won’t be fixed or resolved overnight either. Much of our work is involved in addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction and has to flow in an orderly manner from detoxification to sober living and aftercare. This tried and true system is the only one, yet devised that assures the best results for the most patients.


First things first. Nothing can be done, right away, to help the patients, because they still have drug toxins in their systems. Once they have gone through our medically controlled and monitored detoxification, therapy can begin in earnest. To attempt therapy before a full detox would be counterproductive at best.


Education in this context is about you, about drugs, about your drug of choice and about addiction. This education is the cornerstone of our individualized treatment.  The core component of much therapy is based on you as an individual and some, on you as a family member and a member of the larger community.  It varies from person to person, but our aim is to get you to look at your addiction honestly and realistically and open yourself to changing your attitude about your drug use.

Our FLA drug treatment programs attempt to break through the denial that many addicts use to shield themselves from reality or the ambivalence they may feel about their personal drug use. By teaching them about the nature of drug addiction and how it works on them, the long term effects of drugs on their bodies and the outcomes of continued drug use, we are able to make sobriety more and more attractive.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is the presence of co-existing psychiatric disorders like, depression, anxiety disorders, sexual addiction or bipolar disorder. These may be triggers for the patient’s addiction and must be treated along with all other treatments to insure a much greater chance of success.

Counseling Sessions

During you’re your time in our FLA drug treatment rehab, you will most likely receive individual counseling by one of our professional addiction counselors and you may also participate in regular group therapy meetings, attended by other patients at our residence.

These sessions are designed to help teach you the skills that you will need to live life without drugs. You will learn how to recognize situations, people and places that may be ones that endanger your continued sobriety. You will learn new coping skills, that help defuse situations that before would have helped to drive you to use.

Group sessions at our FLA drug treatment center are designed to teach you the value of seeking the unique support and knowledge from others who are going through the same experiences and challenges that you are. You will also be introduced to a twelve step plan that helps keep you focused on sobriety.

Family Meetings

No man is an island. Because our behavior affects those we love and those who love us, we include members of your family in your treatment program. We know that including family and friends in the educational process significantly improves rehab outcomes.


Our typical residential FLA drug treatment rehab program will last a month or more and takes place in a structured environment where no drugs are even available. It would be cruel and counterproductive to have you leave the safety of the facility and go back into the real world, without backup.

We have put in place an aftercare program designed to meet your individual needs and keep you on the path to full recovery. Remember that while you are on your recovery journey Transitions Recovery is the best travel guide you could ever have.