Florida, Alcohol Detoxification

“Hair of the dog that bit you” is not a cure; it is instead, surrender. Alcohol detox is not an easy process. In order for Florida alcohol detoxification to be successful, you need to be aware what you are facing in alcohol withdrawal. You cannot successfully face withdrawal alone. Transitions Recovery is Florida’s nationally renowned alcoholism recovery center. That is such a simple statement that it needs to be followed up with a description of a somewhat more complex solution.

Detoxification simply means getting rid of chemical poisons. Ridding your body of this toxic chemistry is necessary, before any further therapies can be initiated. Without a full withdrawal process, you do not have the full control of your mind, body or spirit.


Alcohol and other abused substances typically block unwanted feelings in a person’s life. They also control an abuser to the point that they cannot confront life’s constant change or make the necessary adjustments, life requires. After years of alcohol abuse, many individuals will enter Transitions Recovery’s Florida Alcohol Detoxification Center suffering from the debilitating physical effects of alcoholism.
The patient must be cleansed of the toxic residues present in their system, which takes place under our excellent team of medical personnel. We provide safe detoxification, nutritional guidance, exercise and a variety of medical and naturopathic options for our patients. Even so, alcoholic withdrawal can take a heavy toll on one’s body.


Part of any Transitions Florida alcohol detoxification program includes mental withdrawal from alcohol. We all know that alcoholism is a disease and it affects the patient mentally and physically. The confusing and anguish alone drives many people back into addiction. Our clients have professional medical personnel to guide them through the withdrawal process. We remove you from the presence of alcohol, in order to end any possibility of temptation during your withdrawal. You are kept safe and comfortable throughout your Florida alcohol detoxification ordeal.


The withdrawal symptoms will show up weaknesses in character that were never confronted before and lax ethics issues come to the surface. Some addicts will literally do anything for a drink – ANYTHING! After a prolonged addiction, a person’s spirit seems broken by those things that they have done and lies they have told, either to feed their addiction or cover it up. Alcoholics give up family and God just to have another drink. A renewed and stronger spirit is a key component of a full recovery.