Florida, Alcohol Rehab

Our extended-care Florida alcohol rehab and residential facility is located in warm and sunny North Miami Beach, where we provide a healing and peaceful drug rehab environment. Much effort goes into our successful Florida alcohol rehab programs, which really get down to the core reasons for a patient’s alcohol addiction problem. Addiction doesn’t just happen and there is no magic wand that will end it.  Much of the work must be put off, because patients still have alcohol and its toxins in their systems. The presence of these chemicals makes rehabilitation impossible until after detoxification.

Living with us in our drug and alcohol free environment makes it impossible to “fall off the wagon”. After detox our patients are able to work with our counselors and examine their previous lives and lifestyles closely to address and possibly solve their issues. Patients also have to learn new life skills to replace those that didn’t work before, so that when they are ready to go back out into the world, they can avoid temptation and not run into the same old problems they once had.

It is absolutely necessary that our patients be free to focus on addressing their problems full-time, without the distractions of work, school, home life, or the negative influences found in their real-world environment.
Florida alcohol rehab programs that only offer outpatient modalities or short-term inpatient treatment don’t enable the patient to stay focused on recovery only. The inpatient alcohol program we offer, at our lovely safe and secure facility – Transitions Recovery Rehab Center in Miami, Florida has a success rate far beyond that of many other alcohol rehab centers.

When the patient arrives, we start them on detoxification and help them through withdrawal; we look to their health and fitness needs in order to bring about better physical condition and the ability to think more clearly. Our clearer thinking patient can then really get fully involved in the drug rehab portion of their treatment. Extended care at our Florida alcohol rehab center provides an alcoholic the best opportunity for alcohol addiction recovery. Our intensive ongoing clinical care along with the structure and support of extended residential care improves chances of success dramatically.

Residential treatment for an extended period of time neutralizes the pressures that can distract from alcohol addiction recovery in an outpatient setting. Friends or routines that encourage the use of alcohol are removed from the picture. Our residential drug treatment is designed to guide the patient through different phases of recovery utilizing groups, educational programs, individual therapy and a strong emphasis is placed on their 12-step meeting attendance.

Residential treatment at Transitions Recovery Florida Alcohol Rehab Facility provides a gradual transition back to work, school, family, and the community through our reality-based alcohol treatment, giving us one of the nation’s highest success rates. Contact Transitions Recovery or call us at 1-800-298-1783 for more information.