Florida, Alcohol Rehabilitation

The very first step to recovery is the admission that you have a problem of your own making. Everything after that is easier, with our help.  The inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program we offer at Transitions Recovery in our Miami, Florida alcohol rehabilitation facility has a success rate far beyond that of other drug centers. 

A reality of any addiction is that you cannot go through withdrawal alone; without help you will give in, to the siren song of alcohol. We guide you through our medically assisted detoxification program and ready you for recovery therapy. Your residency in our lovely safe and secure Florida alcohol rehabilitation facility is made to be as comfortable as possible, through all of your treatment phases. Much of our work can’t start right away, because you still have the byproducts of alcohol abuse in your system.

You have to be made ready to work with our counselors and the detoxification process removes all the chemical impediments to that. It is now important to allow your counselor to guide you on a voyage of introspection, where you both examine the issues that brought you to us.  We are also tasked with improving your life skills, so that when you are ready to go back out into the big bad world, you won’t run into the same temptations and problems that you had before. It is very important that you be free to focus on addressing those problems without the interruptions and annoyances of school, home, work or any outside influences. 

You must also deal with the situations that first led you to drugs. We get to the underlying issues and causes of alcohol addictions and behavior issues. You learn to evaluate personal relationships and the effects they have had on your current situation. You get help, to set priorities that promote less dangerous everyday choices and learn how to resist situations that can lead to relapse. Your addiction may often have led to abuse, neglect, depression, hopelessness, shame, and fear. We treat these feelings which can inhibit recovery and substitute a strong sense of well-being and hope for a better future. Extended care at our Florida alcohol rehabilitation center provides our addicted patients the greatest opportunity for drug rehab and alcohol addiction recovery. 

The intensive ongoing therapies, structure and support of our Florida alcohol rehabilitation programs and extended residential care improves the success of an alcohol or drug program. Residential treatment at Transitions Recovery provides a gradual transition back to work, family, and the community through a reality-based alcohol and drug treatment center environment.