Fla, Drug Treatment

Other Florida alcohol rehabs usually lack something that Transitions Recovery has in abundance. It might be our educational programs or our caring staff, perhaps our medically supervised detox program; but there are probably several reasons why Transitions is the best of all the Florida alcohol rehabs.

Extended care at our alcohol treatment center provides an addicted patient the greatest opportunity for full addiction recovery. Our intensive clinical care along with the structure and support systems that extended residential provides is a key element of any successful alcohol program.

Residential treatment at Transitions Recovery Florida Alcohol Rehabs provides a gradual return to work, family, and the community through a reality-based residential alcohol center environment.
Our program is designed to move a patient through various therapies always keeping the momentum high. Total immersion in this intensive treatment for an extended time provides relief from outside pressures that can distract from drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

With friends and routines, that encourage alcohol use, removed from the picture, the patient is free to see their detrimental effects. This exploration of new possibilities, and the realization that a meaningful life and recovery from alcohol addiction are within reach, empowers the patient to stay the course. Our Florida Alcohol Rehabs’ residential alcohol addiction rehabilitation program provides intensive treatment designed to fully interrupt addictive behaviors and remove the patient from the toxic environment, so they can properly heal.

We get to the patient’s underlying issues and the causes of their alcohol addiction and their behavior; evaluate their relationships and their effects on the patient’s well being. By establishing healthy living routines our patients learn how to resist situations that can lead to relapse.