Florida, ( FL ) Drug Rehabs

Our rehabilitation center, Transitions Recovery Florida (FL) Drug Rehab, is a leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality drug rehabilitation treatment in an uplifting, warm and comfortable extended care setting in North Miami Beach Florida.

Transitions Recovery Florida (FL) Drug Rehab was founded in 1985 to provide local and national drug addiction treatment by a team of highly skilled professionals, with a passion for helping drug addicted patients and their families. We are committed to treating the disease of chemical dependency with the highest standard of care at a cost that is affordable. When you strive to produce realistic and high quality results that will last a lifetime you have to do things right. When developing an individualized,  recovery therapy for any one of our patients, we always conduct lengthy interviews with them and their family. We try to build up their weakest areas and bolster their strengths; living clean and sober in a world of temptation means a fight. Our graduates have to fight off urges to relapse every day, but we have their backs through our aftercare programs.

Our Mission 

We exist to end drug addiction, one person at a time. We combine a medical and holistic approach to drug addiction in a residential atmosphere. This has been shown to offer the only predictable outcomes and consistently high number of successes. We cover every possible situation, and train our patients to face the future with courage,  wisdom and sobriety. We teach, monitor and guide our patients every step of the way.  It wouldn’t do to trade one dependency for another. We are training adults to meet the outside world head on, which as adults they must often do alone. At our Florida (FL) drug rehab facility we teach the principles of self-independency, where though alone and living their own lives, we are there if they need help. As our patients progress in treatment, we insure that they become less dependent on us and more capable at making their own decisions.  Helping people through their recovery journey is our main objective. Yet, an important part of our mission is to educate everyone who knows of us. To that end, we provide on-going and free educational material on our website. We strive to educate the public about reversing the effects of drugs on individuals, friends, families and colleagues. Our Florida (FL) drug rehab center is the one community that offers unlimited support to those who are in need.

Our Commitment

The greatest testament to Transitions Recovery is our consistent positive results in helping patients stay clean and sober.  Our drug treatment center programs offer a quality of care that is unmatched anywhere in the country and we promise to remain on the cutting edge of drug treatment.