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Fort Lauderdale is the urban and sophisticated opposite of Miami. Both share the same beautiful semi-tropical climate and sunshine, but that is about it. Studies at our Ft Lauderdale alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers show that Cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and the “date rape” or “party drugs” such as Ecstasy, GHB, and Special K are popular “recreational” drugs here. Of course, alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, and marijuana are always around.

Many times the people you see begging on the street corner or walking up and down the palm-lined roads are under the influence of something. These people might be saved by someone who cares enough to intercede. That is the first step because no matter how much we want to help everyone, a patient must seek treatment on their own or have a blood relative or an officer of the court, admit them for substance abuse treatment.

At Transitions Recovery, the Ft Lauderdale alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers, we help patients to end their addiction to drugs or alcohol, through our medically supervised and controlled detoxification followed by the appropriate individualized therapies. Florida substance abuse treatment rehab centers are among the finest in the nation and Transitions Recovery is the best of those.

We offer a safe, secure and private facility where recovery can take place at the patient’s pace. Transitions Recovery Drug addiction treatment centers provide a peaceful environment for our unique and effective programs. Our drug rehab is recognized as the leading provider of quality chemical dependency treatment and detoxification, anywhere in the U.S.

Our drug treatment centers in Ft Lauderdale are a compassionate and nurturing environment for both men and women, from all over the country who are faced with the challenges of alcoholism and drug dependency and have made the commitment to recover and turn their lives around.

Transitions Recovery Ft Lauderdale alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers private facility specializes in residential treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program begins with assessment and offers 24-hour support structure for those seeking to recover from the destructive influence of alcohol or drug addiction. It is an inpatient program with a mix of medical, psychiatric and holistic therapies designed to treat the whole patient

We are known countrywide for our professional staff, innovative programs and our high rate of success. We excel in the quality of professional services we offer. Many of the onsite services that we provide other rehab centers must farm out to area medical facilities. This is an important issue, that every patient and family must consider. Some drug treatment centers offer the traditional 2 to 4-week course of treatment; however, Transitions Ft Lauderdale alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers can offer an extended addiction treatment and/or a more intensive program, if needed. Patients and their families get to fully discuss all aspects of the case with our staff in order to properly personalize the patient’s treatment program.

Transitions Recovery Fort Lauderdale rehab treatment center’s substance abuse help and affordable drug treatments serve as a model program for rehab centers all over the U.S.

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