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drug rehab miamiOur beautiful, semi-tropical North Miami Beach, Florida is home to one of the country’s major rehab treatment centers. People come here from all over the country to pick up the pieces of their lives, away from the distractions and temptations of home. At Transitions Recovery Miami, Fl alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers we help you to end the addiction to drugs and alcohol, through our medically supervised detoxification, followed by proven therapies individualized to meet the recovery needs of every patient.

Our Miami, Fl alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers approach to patients is simplicity itself – All addicts deserve a fresh start. With that in mind, we interview and medically test them. When detox has fully purged the patient’s system of the addictive drugs or alcohol and their resulting toxins, we start our personalized addiction treatment.

We offer our patients much more than warmth, sunshine and fresh air. They have left behind all of the stressors, addicted friends, and suppliers that helped to keep them enslaved to alcohol or drugs to come to our rehab centers, for a second chance. They have to be separated from their previous life before high-quality drug rehabilitation can begin.

Transitions Recovery provides a peaceful environment for our unique and effective programs. Transitions Recovery Miami, Fl alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers are recognized as the leading providers of cost-effective, quality chemical dependency treatment and detoxification which includes alcoholism & drug abuse treatment and party drugs addiction treatment.

We provide a compassionate and nurturing environment for men and women, from all over the country who are faced with the challenges of alcoholism and drug dependency. We even offer health insurance options to make treatment more affordable. We are known countrywide for our professional staff, innovative programs and our high rate of success. We lead the industry in the quality of professional services we offer. Not many rehab centers, for instance, offer on-site detoxification programs, nor do they make trauma treatment available with medical personnel standing by. These are important issues, that every patient and family must consider.

Transitions Miami, Fl alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers can offer an extended addiction treatment or a more intensive program if needed. We try to build a spirit of independence within our patients because it is a big bad world out there and when our patients leave our rehab centers and return to their hometowns, we don’t want them to relapse. The love, help, and support of family and friends along with the guidance of the professionals at Transitions Miami, Fl alcohol & drug addiction rehab treatment centers encourage the recovering substance abuser, to stay with the program, avoid temptation and maintain a life of sobriety.

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