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Addiction, of any kind, is a substance dependence which makes us feel that we cannot live without it. Substance abuse short circuits the control we would normally have over our physical and mental selves.
Transitions Recovery – NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers provide you to with alcohol addiction help and drug addiction help that can put you on the path to a life of sobriety. In the U.S.A., 5% of the population consumes 50% of all the alcohol, resulting in nearly 8% of all deaths.  Put another way, 1 out of every 13 people die as a direct result of alcohol consumption. 

New Jersey alcohol drug rehab centers statistics show that in that state, during 2007, more people died as a direct result of drug use than from automobile accidents or firearms. New Jersey is in the middle of an epidemic. 

Alcoholics (alcohol addicts), like drug addicts start their decline, for different reasons, but never because they were happy with their lives.  Our New Jersey alcohol drug rehab centers understand first of all that a cure cannot be found in the addict’s home environment. That is reason enough for getting away to our beautiful Miami facility.  The close proximity of friends who use and suppliers, coupled to the stress of the environment where their addition first took place condemns any attempts at a home-based cure. Besides detoxification any NJ alcohol drug rehab centers efforts must be to analyze, re-educate, treat and encourage sobriety in the patient. Alcohol and drug addiction survival starts here at Transitions Recovery. 

At Transitions Recovery’s NJ alcohol drug rehab centers, we address the holistic well-being of each patient. We individually tailor our programs, which draw from the medical, psychological, therapeutic, and self-help fields in order to render the best drug and alcohol abuse help possible. 

Education, coupled with the will to recover is the key factor in kicking any habit. After analyzing the factors responsible for developing the habit and a thorough detoxification the patients are taught about the ill effects of drugs and liquor on them and their loved ones. Components of an individual’s drug or alcoholism treatment program are determined on an ongoing basis according to comprehensive evaluations at admissions and continuously throughout drug treatment.

While in residence at our North Miami Beach – New Jersey alcohol drug rehab centers extended care program patients are responsible for the maintenance of a normal living routine. This includes grocery shopping, cooking, and maintaining the cleanliness of living quarters, all monitored by our treatment center staff, 24/7. All of this combined with effective drug and alcohol abuse treatment and an emphasis on reality-based tasks helps patients make a successful re-entry to daily life after graduation. 

No other NJ alcohol drug rehab centers team of team of counselors, physicians, social workers and support staff can match the professional team at Transitions Recovery. Call us and get the help you need at our affordable treatment center. Contact us today for drug or alcohol addition recovery.