Drug Abuse & Addiction Treatment

Transitions Recovery

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that, as a direct result of drug use, 797 persons died in New Jersey in 2007. This is higher than the number of people in New Jersey who died from motor vehicle accidents (719) or firearms (446). A NJ drug rehab program could have saved these lives. It is also true that you cannot help anyone to get off of drugs if you leave them in a familiar environment, where relapse is likely to happen. Nearly everyone knows of Transitions Recovery’s lovely Florida drug addiction rehab center in North Miami Beach, and if they don’t, they should.

Drug addiction is the outcome of physical drug dependence but drug abuse or even drug use is more than serious enough to warrant rehabilitation. While the physical symptoms fluctuate depending on the drug used, all drug use, abuse or addiction has a negative effect on the user’s health. We treat our NJ drug rehab patients at our safe, secure and private addiction treatment centers in sunny, warm South Florida. We take our New Jersey drug addiction rehab clients about as far away from their drug laden environment as they can get.

The process begins with a full assessment by our treatment team, equipped with the tools to develop a client-specific treatment plan. Because every client has different needs, based on age, gender, medical history, and their personal usage history, we will put together treatment plans to meet each NJ drug rehab client’s individual requirements. Drug addiction rehab involves the suppression of substance use, abuse or dependency in order to end their mental and physical consequences to the patient. Our NJ drug rehab program, here in Florida performs continuous monitoring, observation and assistance, utilizing our highly trained and certified professional staff of psychological and medical personnel who are specially trained to deal with dual diagnosis patients.

Heroin is all too common, in places like Newark and a drug that we deal with often here. Heroin rehabilitation, cocaine rehab and prescription drug and alcohol rehabilitation are fields where we excel and are those most often needed by our NJ drug rehabilitation patients. We start with our own in-house detoxification program that is medically supervised and monitored. No therapy can go forward until all remnants of heroin or any drug related poisons have left your body. This is followed by education, the core component in all our treatment and rehab programs. We help you to look at your addiction honestly and realistically, in order to help change your attitude about your drug problem. Addicts may still be in some denial about the seriousness of their problem or even unsure that they need to quit drugs for good.

Our NJ drug rehabilitation program features individual counseling with a trained addiction counselor and your likely participation in daily group therapy meetings, where you will see your addiction through the eyes others facing similar issues. These group sessions are designed to teach you the value of support from others with similar challenges. Initially, using drugs is an attempt to solve a problem. As unresolved issues accumulate, the drugs no longer have the same effect. At this stage the addict is ready to sacrifice their values just to get hold of the next fix. At Transitions Recovery we help you reverse this trend and retake your place as a valued and responsible member of society. 

Our high success rate is unmatched by any other affordable drug/alcohol treatment center or drug addiction rehab center, anywhere. If you live in New Jersey and are in need, or if a loved one is in need of drug rehab, contact us now.