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Searching for a Job After Addiction Recovery

A Financial Times columnist took on a question from a concerned reader: “Where do I put alcoholism on CV?” If you or someone you are close to has been an alcoholic, you too may be wondering just how a past addiction will affect job prospects after addiction recovery.

The reader who wrote it described himself as “a successful federal employee” and no matter what has happened as a result of addiction, it is important to keep your accomplishments in mind while hunting for a job. He admitted to “ugly episodes of drunkenness” that took place at official meetings and fears that he he has damaged his reputation among others in his field. He wondered just when and where to acknowledge his past problems and wondered, “Is there are way I can own up to my dark past and show that I have a bright future?”

The columnist commended the reader for his bravery and determination in remaining sober for six years, but told him that he should not mention alcoholism on his CV. She did write that he should only address it in an interview if he is asked and if that were to happen, he should be brief and not dwell on it.

She also advised that he not dwell on his past in his job search as a whole:

“What I think you need to do in order to land another job is exactly what you are doing on the wagon. Be brave and focused and determined and all the rest of it. Keep applying for things. Try to find out why you have been passed over. It may be that there is something you do in interviews that puts people off. Or it may simply be that there’s a recession and there are lots of other good people who want jobs, and so you may have to wait a little longer.”

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