The State of Employment – Drug Use Causes Unemployment to Rise

If you or someone you love is dealing with a drug addiction, you know all too well the toll it takes on personal relationships. The fallout is also spilling over into the workplace. Companies across the United States are searching for answers to the problem of heroin and opioid abuse among employees.

Recent statistics appear to show good news. Quest Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory that handles more than eight million job-related drug tests annually, released an analysis of results over the last 10 years. The overall rate of U.S. workers testing positive actually dipped below four percent for an 18 percent decrease.

However, there has been an alarming spike in positive tests for opioids, the main component of painkillers. The rate nearly doubled for Vicodin and other brands of hydrocodone while Dilaudid, or hydrocodone, ran nearly triple. Data for heroin use is limited to recent years, but it shows a rate increase of 83 percent since 2010.

A Justice Department study in 2011 found that drug use cost the economy $193 billion, primarily from lost productivity. Heroin and other opioids are powerful drugs that cause serious impairment in users. Employers pay the price for results ranging from poor job performance to on-site accidents and excessive absenteeism.

More difficult to quantify are the costs related to stagnant business. Consider the situation in Allen County, Ohio, where employers struggle to maintain current staffing because up to 70 percent of applicants cannot pass a pre-employment drug test. The situation is a serious consideration for companies hoping to expand.

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