The Tale of Two Texas Attorneys – Depression and Addiction

On television dramas, we often see lawyers enjoying a glass of scotch, poured from a flask kept in a desk drawer. In real life, substance abuse is all too real for many lawyers. The profession sees higher rates of alcoholism and substance abuse than the general population. Depression and suicide also run rampant among attorneys.

Addiction affects educated and well-employed individuals. Alcoholism rates increase from law school to early career to veteran professionals. That the problem worsens over time makes it extremely crucial for attorneys and others with stressful occupations to enter addiction rehab as soon as control is lost.

Addicted and Depressed: The Tale of Two Texas Attorneys

Industry newspaper Texas Lawyer recently profiled the cases of two Texas attorneys with abuse histories that are very representative of the problems facing their profession.

An Austin lawyer with a longstanding alcohol dependence talked about how he lied to himself for years about whether his drinking hurt his clients. Only a doctor’s prognosis of sure death could convince him to take action.

Depression plagued one west Texas lawyer, who had previously attempted suicide in high school and in college. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The condition amplified the ill effects of her perfectionism and self-doubt. Medication and counseling have helped manage her depression.

Both cases point to a common trend among attorneys. Law school trains the mind to think pessimistically and look for problems. Add to that the constant pressure and stress of the job, and many people’s personal battles reach dangerous levels. Addiction rehab offers a chance to recognize and conquer the problem.

Help for Depression and Addiction

If you or a loved one suffers from a potential dual diagnosis of depression and dependence, or abuse of alcohol or drugs embattles a career and health, addiction rehab can help. Give these problems the attention and focus they require. Contact us for more information about addiction rehab and depression treatment.

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