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Talking to Kids About Alcohol Abuse

Perhaps you’ve seen those public service announcements that describe parents as ‘the anti-drug’ and wondered just how true that  statement is.There is definitely some truth to it. No matter how much teens scorn their parents, they still (secretly) want their approval.  And while it is important to talk to your teens, it is even more important to talk with your children before they become teens. Building strong bonds can serve to prevent your teen from abusing alcohol.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA),

“Study after study shows that even during the teen years, parents have enormous influence on their children’s behavior…And parents’ disapproval of youthful alcohol use is the key reason children choose not to drink. So make no mistake: You can make a difference.”

Studies also show the younger a child starts drinking, the more likely they are to develop an alcohol addiction. On the other hand, the earlier your child hears from you on the subject to alcohol consumption, the more opportunities you have to influence them. You can talk about alcohol in an age-appropriate fashion with a grade-school child. And it doesn’t have to be lecture about what they must not do; ask your child what they know and what they think about alcohol consumption.