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Teen Use of Acid , Ketamine and Heroin Spikes in New Jersey

Disturbing news out of New Jersey shows that there has been a significant spike in teens using acid, ketamine and heroin to get high. Detectives who work in the community warn that this isn’t a problem that can be solved by arresting users and dealers. Any lasting solution has to involve education, parent involvement and help from NJ drug rehab centers.

Potential Causes of Drug Use

Experts say that part of the problem is the prevalence of prescriptions drugs. It is easier than ever to get a hold of powerful painkillers, which are the new gateway to more dangerous “street” drugs. In the past, police and other advocates warned that marijuana was the gateway to stronger drugs. Evidence now shows that more and more teens start using heroin without ever having smoked marijuana. Some teens are simply diving into their parents medicine cabinet to get high and the snowball effect can be devastating.

Addiction and Recovery

Often times, teens begin using these drugs recreationally without realizing their powerful addictive qualities. It doesn’t take long for the drugs to affect the brain’s chemistry and create a dependence that can be nearly impossible to overcome professional help. Dealing with addiction and recovery requires a comprehensive approach that addresses any emotional issues and treats physical symptoms.

Education as Prevention

New Jersey police are trying to do their part to educate the public about this growing problem. They are reaching out to parents and schools and telling everyone about the deadly effects of drug use. Instead of focusing on users, they are taking a more community based approach to scaling back this problem. Citizens have to report unscrupulous doctors who are too eager to write prescriptions and work to educate their own children.

If you or someone in your family is suffering from addiction, there are solutions available. The caring staff at Transitions Recovery is committed to helping your regain control of your life.