Texas Teens and Prescription Drug Addiction – What to Know to Help

If you have a teenager in your Texas family, drugs like cocaine and Ecstasy are no longer the most dangerous substances you need to be concerned about. According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, here is what you need to know about teens and prescription drug addiction.

Prescription drugs rank alarmingly high on the list of abused substances

For Americans aged 14 and over, only marijuana and alcohol are abused more frequently than prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Studies show that while the trend dipped slightly in 2014, the number of 12th-graders using prescription drugs during their lifetime has been around 20 percent for the last four years.

Prescription drugs can be as dangerous as those produced illegally

Teens may find false reassurance in the idea that prescription drugs are “legal.” A doctor’s guidance is required to use these drugs in the correct dosages for the correct conditions. Even then, many of them present a risk of side effects that need to be monitored by a professional. Use of prescription drugs without proper control causes unexpected and devastating results.

Reasons for prescription drug abuse can differ between boys and girls

Prescription drugs fall into three general categories:

  • Depressants, which serve as mood regulators
  • Stimulants, which are used to treat conditions such as ADHD

Boys tend to abuse stimulants simply for the sensation of the high, while girls often abuse them in an effort to lose weight or stay awake while studying.

Prescription drug abuse can be fatal

In 2001, 765 teens died as a result of overdosing on prescription drugs. Ten years later, the number more than doubled to 1,950.

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