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The Benefits of Residential Addiction Recovery Treatment (Pt. 1)

While our residential addiction recovery program emphasizes the importance of attending 12-step meetings, we know that some patients will need to do more than attend meetings as they transition through the phases of recovery. Sometimes extended care is necessary to make the changes necessary to journey away from addiction.

Why Residential Treatment?

Residential drug treatment programs and alcohol addiction rehabilitation provide intensive treatment to fully interrupt addictive behaviors and remove an individual from the environment that allows them to continue their addiction.

When a patient is fully immersed in treatment they are for a time taken away from some of the pressures that can get in the way of self-discovery and thinking of alternatives. It can be hard to get perspective and work on new behavior patterns while one is living in the same space in which one began to take on destructive habits.

Spending in a residential treatment facility isn’t necessary for everyone, but should it be needed, it is important to get care from a center that is prepared to help you and your family meet the challenges ahead.

Our caring and experienced professionals know that being admitted or having a family member admitted to an addiction recovery program can be an emotional experience. All of our patients can expect to be treated respectfully in a safe, supportive environment. We are also committed to maintaining our legal responsibility to protect each patient’s confidentiality.