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The Benefits of Residential Addiction Recovery Treatment (Pt. 2)

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of beginning a journey of sobriety at a residential treatment program. But you may wonder what happens once a patient’s time is finished. How can a patient get ‘back to reality’?

Our patients experience reality-based residential drug treatment that helps them grow in confidence as we ease them back into daily life at a measured pace. Just as it is necessary to transition out of addictive behaviors, one must also slowly work to build a life that does not center on those behaviors.

Our residential patients reside in a private gated community in North Miami Beach, Florida. It is a secluded and tranquil setting that will allow them to journey towards addiction recovery with a minimum of outside stressors. We do, however, have patients pursue everyday activities such as shopping and meal preparation in a supervised reality-based environment because our goal is to help them transition back into their everyday lives.

And, after residential, day, and outpatient treatment, our professional staff continues to support a patient’s addiction recovery and long-term drug treatment goals. We know that it takes reinforcement to remain sober. We have a robust continuing care program and provide weekly activities at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center to help and support our patients.