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Transitions Recovery: A Competent and Caring Alcohol Treatment Center

By Jeannie Colter

Transitions Recovery is a nationally accredited, state-licensed alcohol treatment center based in North Miami Beach. We work to provide treatment for alcohol addiction and other addictive behaviors that align with high standards but does not have such a high cost that it is out of reach. We think sobriety is achievable but getting the help you need to reach that goal is only possible when treatment is affordable.

And we do not just treat the patients who are enrolled in our programs because we know that treating them in isolation and ignoring their environment may make them less successful once they leave. We also offer counseling for families of patients. When an individual suffers from substance abuse, their family also suffers. We believe that families need and deserve support just as the patient does. Transitions Recovery offers ongoing family support groups so family members can work with trained professionals to begin recovery for themselves and the substance abuser.

This may surprise you since it is easy to think that the patient is the one with the problem. However, many family members are shocked to realize just how they have suffered because a loved one is grappling with an addiction. We are not interested in placing blame or stirring up family rivalries. We want to help heal families and if we only offer help to one family member that person may return to a family that is not quite sure of what to make of the changes that can come about after time spent in an alcohol treatment center.

You and your entire family will be in safe hands when you work with the competent, caring professional on our staff. We know it is not easy to open up and discuss an issue like alcohol addiction with people you do not know. We treat patients and their families privately because we know addiction is sensitive issue.

Call us at 800-298-1783, we’d be more than happy to talk with you about recovery from chemical dependency for you or someone you know.