Jobs are tough these days and often the pay doesn’t make up for it. That financial stress can lead to stress at home too. Some days, you just need something to take the edge off or just need to relax with the guys. And then there are times that drug and alcohol use can spiral out of control. That’s where we come in.

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Transitions Recovery specializes in helping working men and women.

As one of the first treatment centers in Florida that founded the Reality-Therapy based model of recovery, we have over 30 years of experience. We’re known for our compassion and ability to help those who even may be “chronic relapsers,” that have been in and out of treatment 5, 6, or more times.

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We Do What It Takes

We don’t kick people out for some silly reason like the program is only 28 days long or the person’s insurance runs out. We make sure everyone gets the help they need to succeed.

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You Can Keep Working

We specialize in reality-based therapy, which means anyone enrolled in our recovery program will be given support to find a local, part-time job. You still go out and do normal things like buy groceries or go shopping.

In fact, that’s what many people love about our program. They learn how to deal their addiction in the everyday situations they’ll face back home.

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We Understand

Many of our staff are in recovery themselves. They know what it’s like to go through what you’re going through. And we remember how important the compassion and understanding of others was to our own recovery. We make sure to extend that to every person that comes to Transitions.

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Relapsed again? No Problem.

We’re especially well-known for helping those who have been in and out of other rehabs 5 or more times. Our reality-based therapy and 30 years of experience enable us to help in ways that other centers just can’t.

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