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Virginia Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is often a broad term for any drinking of alcohol that causes problems. Alcohol addiction is often when a person: drinks large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, has difficulty cutting back their intake, has a strong desire for alcohol at any time throughout the day, and often develops social and health problems because of their substance abuse. If any or all of these might be true for you, then it is time to take control of your life and turn it around.

In Virginia alone, 35% of all car fatalities are caused by drunk driving. This number has risen in the past years, even with added Virginia laws by MADD that have supported more drunk driving checkpoints, as well as the implementation of ignition interlocks required for all convicted drunk drivers. That fact is, only you can save yourself and only you can keep the people around you safe from harm. The best way you can achieve this is to get help from an alcohol addiction treatment center.

Located in beautiful, sunny Miami Beach, Transitions Recovery Program is a nationally-accredited alcohol addiction treatment who has helped many people just like you get past alcohol addiction and move on to live sober, happy lives. Since 1985, we’ve been accepting patients from Virginia who struggle with alcohol addiction into our individually tailored programs at our facility on North Miami Beach. This serene setting of warm, ocean air coupled with breathtaking views, gives our patients the opportunity to let go of a past bound by alcohol in a holistic, healthy way. It also give our patients a luxurious, treatment facility setting that is affordable for anyone looking to get help.

As a JCAHO accredited alcohol treatment center, Transitions Recovery Program is home to a community of caring doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists. We are proud of the dedication our staff has on a daily basis to really get to know each patient to better understand their needs. It is our philosophy that every person is unique and has the ability to change their lives if they want it badly enough. From the very beginning, we create a treatment plan that is completely special to you, and will change or continue this plan depending on frequent evaluations of your progress. Throughout this time, patients receive extensive attention to continuing care to prevent relapse and support the patient in staying sober.

While involved in our alcohol addiction treatment, you will experience the highest level of support through group therapy sessions, disease and recovery education, relapse prevention groups, specialty therapy, and information on community resources in Virginia for aftercare support as well. At Transitions Recovery Program, our commitment to you doesn’t stop when you are ready to leave our facilities; All Transitions Recovery Program drug treatment center psychiatric and psychological services remain available to patients for life, including continued relapse prevention education and 24-hour access to drug treatment center staff.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism and looking for an alcohol addiction treatment center, look no further than Transitions Recovery Program. Our amazing staff and breathtaking facilities are exactly what you need to get a fresh start in life. And since we’ve treated a number of patients from Virginia, we have a support system of peers waiting for you during your treatment and even after your stay. So please, don’t wait to give us a call and talk to someone about how we can help you. Saving a life is just that simple. 1-800-626-1980