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What You Should Know About Alcohol Poisoning

People who drink may not be aware of the fact that extreme alcohol abuse can kill. Just as it’s important to realize that a person who drinks excessively should be going to an alcohol abuse recovery program, it’s equally important to know the dangers of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning refers to the state when a person’s body functions like breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate are severely impaired as a result of alcohol consumption. A person who is intoxicated by alcohol can lose consciousness or even die.

When a person consumes alcohol, the nerves that control the gag reflex and breathing are inhibited. The gag reflex is a body mechanism which prevents choking. At a certain level, extreme alcohol abuse can cause these functions to stop. A person who has consumed too much alcohol will usually vomit which is hardly surprising because alcohol irritates the stomach. What’s more worrying is the danger of death by asphyxiation which can be triggered when a person chokes on the vomit. Do not think that a person will recover after a few hours of sleep. From the time the person has consumed the last drink, alcohol in the intestine and stomach still go into the bloodstream, causing the BAC to rise even if the person is unconscious.

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

• Vomiting
• Slow breathing
• Seizures
• Mental confusion, state of unconsciousness
• Hypothermia, paleness or bluish skin color
• Irregular breathing

Do not wait for all the symptoms to manifest when you come upon a person who’s suffering from alcohol poisoning. You should know that there’s a chance that the person who has passed out will die. There’s a danger that the person will choke on his or her own vomit and the victim’s breathing or heartbeat may stop. Seizures can occur as a result of hypoglycemia or extreme dehydration from vomiting. In some cases, victims may even suffer permanent brain damage or death.

If you have a friend who is fighting with an alcohol addiction, make a real effort to explain the importance of addiction recovery to him or her. A leading South Florida addiction recovery center, we have helped thousands of people overcome their problems, and, we can certainly help you or your friend.