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As one of the top rehabs in Florida, our programs are committed to assisting our patients and family members with their own growth, thus enabling them to re-discover their self-esteem and return to their productive fulfilling life. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues we can help. Please contact our Miami addiction treatment center today and make the call that can save a life.

Reality-Based Treatment

Helping patients through their recovery journey is our main objective. Yet, our mission is to educate everyone that contacts us

1) Reality-based treatment

2) Continuing care planning

3) Education & 12-step programs

4) Local community participation

Since 1985, the Transitions team is dedicated to the belief that all of our patients are unique individuals possessing the ability to lead productive lives. Recovery demands freedom from substance abuse and the integration of a personal philosophy of life that promotes growth and change, in not only the individual but also the entire family. When developing a recovery plan for any of our clients, we think long term.

We try our best to cover every possible situation and train our patients to face it with courage and wisdom. We teach, give advice, and lead our patients in the right direction. Most importantly, our inpatient alcoholism treatment program and drug rehab in Florida professes the idea of self independence. As our clients progress through their therapy we ensure that they become less dependent on us and more capable of making their own decisions.

Get started on the road to recovery today, If you’re wondering “does insurance cover rehab” you’ll be happy to know Transitions Recovery accepts most private insurance carriers like Aetna, Magellan, First Health, Beacon Health Options, Blue Cross Blue Shield and AvMed to name a few. Call Us to check coverage (855) 435-7116.

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Free Aftercare for all patients and all programs

women dealing with depression and substance abuse

Extended care at a treatment center provides an addicted individual the greatest opportunity for recovery.

When a patient still requires intensive treatment but no longer needs 24-hour supervision.

Individuals requiring a more intense continuum of care.

The safe and comfortable treatment a patient receives at Transitions Recovery is just the beginning of recovery.

Successful recovery addresses the needs of family members and significant others.

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Countless Success Stories

Our loving family of alumni continues to grow

“Five years ago today, I walked into Transitions full of fear and without faith. I disliked the idea of staying sober, but I knew I couldn’t trudge down the path I was going any longer. I was done. Just for today, I’m sober. I choose to be happy and that is a direct result of working the AA program of recovery; working with a sponsor; working with others; and trusting in an infinite being rather than my finite self…”


“Transitions saved my life in 2005. They taught me how to accept my disease and work on it so i could change. They told me that I was not a bad person but a sick person, looking to get better. The reminded me that I have a choice in life and I also have a higher power who will not, or never has left me. I learned about drug addiction and alcoholism. I thank Vernon and all the staff for putting me on right…”

Renee G.

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Transitions Recovery Program

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Transitions recovery program is joint commission accredited
Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

Licensed by the State of Florida

Transitions Recovery Program was conceived and designed by addiction professionals with many years of experience who have a passion for helping chemically dependent clients and their families.

A true multi–disciplinary drug and alcohol rehab center comprised of physicians, ASAM certified psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction professional, nurses, and marriage – family therapists come together to offer a program holistic therapy that provides practical solutions to the very real problem of addiction. We offer a full continuum of care that focuses on the entire body to aid in full recovery. Our long-term programs offer therapy for the following: drug rehab, dual diagnosis, alcohol rehab, depression, anxiety, and trauma to name a few. If you’re wondering what the typical day in rehab is like follow the link for more info to understand what the Transitions Recovery experience is like.

Currently struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse? Call our Substance Abuse Hotline at (877) 861-8873.

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