When a patient still requires intensive treatment but is no longer in need of 24-hour supervision, partial-day treatment provides the ongoing continuum of care and support of Transitions Recovery drug and alcohol treatment center.


Partial-day care is a step in the recovery process as the patient transitions from residential to outpatient and finally continuing care. The recovering individual spends daytime treatment hours in our comfortable, safe supportive drug and alcohol treatment center during the day and the night at his or her own home.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Partial-Day Activities

Day treatment provides more structure than outpatient care, offering many advantages of residential-level care with the flexibility of outpatient addiction treatment. Patients benefit from maximum confidentiality, safety, and structure in a relaxed treatment environment that addresses drug rehab, alcohol treatment, and dual diagnosis.In this phase at our addiction treatment center, the patient has begun to re-enter society by returning to the home and even the workplace, while still attending sessions during the day.In partial-day care, clients attend structured substance abuse treatment groups, activities, lectures, and therapies for up to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week in our treatment center in North Miami Beach, Florida. The program is customized to each patient’s treatment needs and includes daily attendance at 12-step meetings.


An important component of treatment at Transitions Recovery drug and alcohol treatment center is a careful assessment of how a client deals with the challenging task of balancing recovery and the increased exposure to daily issues. We routinely assess and evaluate a client’s emotional condition, relapse potential, medical conditions, and recovery environment during all stages of treatment at our drug and alcohol treatment center.

Day treatment Addiction Treatment Objectives

As part of a patient’s ongoing recovery, partial-day drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs at our addiction treatment center aim to:Maintain stabilization of the patient’s addictions and behaviors. Provide support in resolving any immediate crises that arise. Use the 12 steps of recovery as a basis for continued abstinence and emotional and spiritual growth. Develop skills through activities and group therapies that will continue to develop Continue to develop the patient’s understanding of chemical dependency and the recovery process.

Our partial-day programs provide structured drug and alcoholism treatment to support the patient as he or she learns to:

Improve interpersonal relationships. Identify and reduce his or her emotional and behavioral obstacles to recovery. Develop a realistic plan and expectations for the next steps and continued recovery.At the end of this phase of treatment, the patient prepares for complete re-integration into society facing employment, friends, family, etc., while attending a reduced schedule of therapeutic activities. Patients recovering from addiction find the support and guidance they need at Transitions Recovery drug and alcohol treatment center.

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