Extended care at our treatment center provides an addicted individual the greatest opportunity for recovery.

The intensive ongoing clinical care coupled with the structure and support of extended residential care improves the success of an alcohol or drug program. Residential treatment at Transitions Recovery provides a gradual transition back to work, family, and the community through a reality-based alcohol and drug treatment center environment. Treatment is designed to move a patient through phases of recovery with groups, psycho-educational presentations and individual therapy, as well as a strong emphasis on 12-step meeting attendance and acquiring and developing a relationship with a sponsor.

Immersion in intensive treatment for an extended time allows for relief from pressures that can distract from addiction recovery. Friends or routines that encourage a habit are removed from the picture, allowing for self-discovery, exploration of new possibilities, and the realization that a meaningful life and recovery from addiction are within reach.

If you’re ready to start residential drug rehab in Florida please call 800-626-1980 or click the link to find out if your insurance policy will pay for treatment.

two people holding hands at our residential rehab center

Residential drug treatment programs provide intensive treatment to fully interrupt addictive behaviors and remove an individual from the environment that allows them to continue their addiction.

Get to the root of underlying issues and causes of substance abuse. Evaluate relationships and patterns and their effects. Set priorities that promote better everyday choices. Establish healthy living routines. Learn how to resist situations that can lead to relapse. The years of addiction are often accompanied by abuse, neglect, depression, hopelessness, shame, and fear. Our intensive residential program treats these feelings that can inhibit recovery, replacing them with a strong sense of hope and well-being.

Reality-Based Therapy

Patients relearn skills that help them ease their way back into daily life gradually, regaining the confidence to make choices that support sustained addiction recovery. Comfortable apartment living in a private gated community in North Miami Beach, Florida, sets the scene for the establishment of a healthy, active, sober lifestyle in Transitions Recovery’s peaceful, secluded setting. At our center, patients pursue everyday activities such as shopping and meal preparation in a supervised reality-based environment.

Individualized Program

The reality-based sober-living skills and routines are supported by intensive, individualized drug treatment.

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Our highly trained staff provides specialized services to treat all facets of alcohol and drug addiction, including physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of patients. Each individual who enters our program benefits from individualized care tailored to his or her unique needs, effectively addressing emotional or psychological issues that might interfere with his or her recovery, determining and addressing their own unique relapse warning signals.

In addition to a strong base in early recovery skills, Transitions Recovery is complemented by a focus on such issues as:

  • Relationships
  • Assertiveness
  • Anger management
  • Co-existing mental health conditions (dual diagnosis)
  • Spirituality
  • Relapse prevention

Our facility provides a supportive environment for men and women to gain an in-depth understanding of their personal recovery needs, to develop healthy coping skills and practice the changes necessary for ongoing recovery.

We invite you to check if your insurance will cover the cost of treatment to our Miami, FL location.

This web copy was reviewed by Transitions Recovery Program’s Director – Marian Bach, LMHC, CAP