While many patients come to us for substance abuse treatment, others turn to us for recovery from compulsive behaviors like eating disorders or sexual addiction.

Often, these disorders and other problems like depression or anxiety accompany substance abuse. Transitions Recovery addresses the underlying issues for the overall health and well-being of patients at our treatment center in Florida.

The unique needs of each patient comprise the foundation for the treatment program. Our whole-person approach to treatment looks at all aspects of each individual. We offer specialized programs administered by experienced staff:


Specialized Treatments at Transitions Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Importance of the 12-Step Philosophy

The 12-Step philosophy plays a vital role in all aspects of a patient’s recovery at Transitions Recovery drug treatment center. The components and philosophies of the 12-Step programs such as mutual support, honesty, accountability, acceptance, and spirituality have been shown to significantly enhance the quality of recovery from all addictive and mental health disorders. Patients who have undergone our mental health recovery program at our North Miami Beach center attest to the positive effects of the program.

Patients begin the journey to freedom from substance abuse in the care of highly skilled, staff at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida. Each individual benefits from intensive ongoing clinical care, as well as structure and support in a reality-based environment.

We offer a continuum of care beginning with inpatient treatment, day treatment, intensive outpatient, lifetime continuing care, and family programs for comprehensive support at each stage of drug treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction often co-occurs with other disorders or mental illness, even though a substance abuse patient may not find out until seeking treatment that another disorder is present. Finding a treatment center that offers the experience and resources to function as a dual diagnosis treatment center is crucial for those suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.

Transitions Recovery is dually licensed as a special psychiatric health and behavioral health facility. All patients receive focused treatment to address their symptoms and achieve an understanding of disorders and the changes they can make to prevent further disease behaviors.


Depression is an illness – a medical disorder with very specific signs and symptoms. Many patients receiving drug or alcohol treatment also require treatment for depression, as it is very common as a co-existing disorder. The treatment of depression is not limited to medication. There are a number of ways to treat depression, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, cognitive therapy, and medications if indicated. Patients are assessed as to their individual needs, and appropriate recommendations are made. In most cases, a combination of therapeutic interventions is most effective in relieving the symptoms. Transitions Recovery employs a holistic approach to help each individual with depression.

Eating Disorders

Our Eating Disorders Program provides individualized treatment for patients with eating disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia, and Compulsive Overeating. Our treatment model provides a strong therapy focus on experiential work, reducing shame, understanding the basic disease concept, and recovery through the 12 Steps. We address the total scope of the eating disorder, including body image, medical complications, and the chronic nature of eating disorders. Our program emphasizes therapy to assist the individual in breaking through denial while experiencing unconditional acceptance and guidance. The experienced staff helps eating disorder patients develop a balanced fitness regimen.

Sexual Addiction

Our program for sexual addiction provides integrated treatment for individuals suffering from sexual addiction and compulsivity, including Internet addiction. Patients may also be chemically dependent with coexisting psychiatric diagnoses. Compulsive behaviors, post-traumatic symptoms, or unresolved sexual trauma are often the cause of relapse in individuals who have completed traditional alcohol and drug treatment programs. The Transitions Recovery staff has many years of experience and is trained in the assessment, treatment planning, and facilitation of interventions specific to the needs of sexual addiction patients.

Trauma & Abuse

Transitions Recovery provides a safe, therapeutic environment for trauma and abuse victims that allows the individual to experience a reduction of pain and shame while exploring memories and perceptions associated with sexual or trauma issues. Our in-patient mental health recovery center in North Miami Beach focuses on helping patients get back on their feet and move forward with their lives.


Anxiety causes impairment in daily activities and ongoing distress to the individual. Patients may suffer from anxiety by itself, but more often it is associated with other diagnoses such as substance abuse, major depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Transitions Recovery drug treatment center addresses the source of the anxiety for the long-term and the relief of anxiety in the short-term, using approaches that include cognitive therapy and/or medication therapy.