img12Individuals facing substance abuse and alcohol addiction treatment require a continuum of care that helps them gradually ease their way back into the challenges of daily life. After completing residential addiction treatment and day treatment, substance abuse patients continue to receive a high level of support from Transitions Recovery addiction treatment center.

During intensive outpatient alcoholism and drug addiction treatment, patients can expect to:

  • Create a foundation for addiction recovery and relapse prevention.
  • Earn how to integrate knowledge of substance abuse and addiction recovery into daily life.
  • Establish a comprehensive continuing care program that includes our lifetime support.

Outpatient drug rehabilitation programs and alcoholism addiction treatment are also available for those who have not received residential care at our substance abuse addiction treatment center. We offer professional support and assistance to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle with outpatient services for those who do not require such a structured environment to maintain sobriety and are not in acute withdrawal, as determined by our professional assessment. (However, it is recommended that all patients develop an effective, solid base of sober-living skills with intensive residential addiction treatment.)

Addiction Treatment and a New Lifestyle

Our intensive outpatient program consists of 6 weeks of carefully monitored drug and alcoholism addiction treatment at our convenient North Miami Beach location. Patients enjoy the flexibility to work or attend school while accomplishing addiction recovery goals, with therapeutic sessions available during the day or evenings and on weekends.

Our substance abuse and addiction treatment outpatient program places emphasis on the disease concept of addiction, participation in AA and/or NA, and the inclusion of family members in treatment.Transitions Recovery addiction treatment center provides comprehensive services customized to the needs of patients and administered by some of the most highly regarded addiction and behavioral health professionals.

Support from Substance Abuse Professionals


We assist those needing support and counseling when confronting serious legal issues, job continuation concerns, and family issues. We are able to help patients identify and address emotional and behavioral obstacles in recovery and sobriety, including dual diagnosis.All patients benefit from access to our nationally leading multidisciplinary addiction treatment staff as well as external team members, including psychiatrists, social workers, medical doctors, mental health workers, nurses, occupational therapists, and members of the legal system.

Drug and alcoholism addiction treatment services include:

  • Outpatient medical assessment.
  • Psychological assessment, as indicated.
  • Chemical dependency education sessions.
  • Group therapy.
  • Individual monitoring with random drug screening.
  • Introduction to relapse prevention.
  • EAP reporting services weekly.
  • Required daily AA and/or NA meetings.
  • Family members and significant others encouraged to attend family groups.

Through comprehensive addiction treatment services provided by a skilled multidisciplinary team, our outpatient substance abuse treatment goal of long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol is brought within reach of each patient.

We invite you to learn more about admissions to our supportive addiction treatment center. Call 800-298-1783 now to talk to us.