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If you’re struggling with addiction and wondering how you’ll be able to pay for treatment and whether your Magellan Healthcare insurance can be used, the answer is likely yes. However, to access Magellan Healthcare drug rehab coverage, you do have to meet some requirements. Here’s what you need to know to get inpatient drug or alcohol treatment covered by your plan.

To see if you can use your Magellan Health Services policy to cover treatment call us at 800-626-1980 or contact us here for help.

Magellan Behavioral Healthcare Plans

First, you’ll need to find out whether your Magellan Healthcare plan has a behavioral health provision. You can log into your account on the Magellan portal to review your benefits or call the customer service phone number on your insurance card to speak with a representative. In either case, look or ask for information about behavioral health treatment coverage — specifically inpatient rehab or addiction treatment.

Finding a Rehab That Takes Magellan Healthcare

Not all providers accept all insurance, partly because of network contracts. You can find out which local drug rehab providers are in the Magellan Healthcare network by searching for relevant providers on the online portal. Your insurance customer service representative can also help with this.

If you want to know if a specific facility you’re interested in accepts Magellan Healthcare rehab coverage, you can call that provider directly or complete an online query form. You might even be able to provide your insurance card information so the provider can conduct a verification to find out what services might be covered under your plan.

Magellan Healthcare Inpatient Rehab Coverage Requires a Referral

Magellan Healthcare typically does require a qualifying referral for inpatient rehab services. That means you simply can’t decide you need help with addiction, show up at a nearby rehab and expect your insurance to cover the bill. Instead, you’ll need to go through a referral source.


Magellan Healthcare does consider Employee Assistance Programs a referral source in many cases. That means you can use EAP benefits from your employer to seek a confidential and free consultation with a professional. That person can then refer you for inpatient rehab if they believe it necessary and Magellan Healthcare coverage will kick in. Other appropriate referral sources can include your doctor or certain licensed therapy professionals.

How Much of Rehab Does Magellan Healthcare Cover?

As with any insurance company, Magellan Healthcare may not cover the total cost of rehab treatment. The portion of costs you’re responsible for depends on factors such as how much deductible you have left to pay for the calendar year, what your co-insurance percentage is and whether you’ve met out-of-pocket maximums for the year.

When you’re referred to a rehab, the staff can verify your insurance and provide you with some estimates about cost. Most rehab providers will also work with you to develop appropriate payment arrangements for any out-of-pocket expenses.

Don’t let fear about costs keep you from seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction today. Put your Employee Assistance Program benefits to work or reach out to your insurance company to find a qualified rehab. You can also contact us or call 800-626-1980 — we accept Magellan Healthcare and can help you understand the process for seeking treatment with your coverage.