aetna insurance logoAetna is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country, and it offers a range of plans through employer-sponsored benefits programs and the individual marketplace. Aetna also manages some Medicare HMO plans, so people of all ages and backgrounds may wonder whether there’s a rehab that takes Aetna insurance.  To see if you can use your Aetna policy to cover treatment call us at 800-626-1980 or contact us here for help.

While the details do depend on your plan, the answer is typically, “Yes, Aetna does cover drug rehab.”

How Do You Know If Your Aetna Coverage Includes Addiction Treatment?

Aetna rehab coverage varies by plan, so it’s important to verify your benefits to find out exactly what is covered. Aetna provides its members with an online portal where you can find information about the specific benefits offered under your plan. Admissions counselors and other staff with most drug rehab programs will also verify your insurance and provide you with information about how your treatment is covered.

Accessing Aetna Inpatient Rehab Coverage Options

If you have an active Aetna insurance plan and need professional help with drug or alcohol addiction, you simply need to have your insurance card or information on hand when you contact a rehab facility for help. Remember that in some cases, simply reaching out for assistance right now is important; rehab professionals can help you work out the details once you’ve talked to them and assessed the situation.

In less urgent times, you may take a few steps to put your Aetna coverage into effect.

  1. Sign in to the Aetna insurance portal linked above to find a local provider that offers inpatient rehab and accepts Aetna insurance.
  2. Alternatively, navigate to Aetna’s Find a Doctor page to find an appropriate provider. Doctors are not the only providers listed, and you can find addiction treatment facilities that take Aetna in the  list.
  3. Have your insurance card with you when you call or visit the provider you select.

Do Aetna Drug Rehab Benefits Mean You Won’t Owe Anything?

How much you owe for rehab services after Aetna pays the insurance portion depends on a variety of factors. If you haven’t met your insurance deductible for the year, you may owe up to that amount. If you have an out-of-pocket max and co-insurance, you may owe up to the out-of-pocket max. However, if you’ve already met that max in healthcare expenses for the year, you likely won’t owe anything after your insurance makes payment.

When possible, discuss financial matters with the staff at your rehab upon admission so you’re aware of the procedures. They can often give you an idea of how much the insurance will be and how much you may owe. Staff may be able to direct you to financial assistance programs or Medicaid forms for supplemental insurance to help cover your portion of the bill, and most rehabs will work with you on payment arrangements.

Don’t let financial worries keep you from seeking help. Insurance does cover the cost of rehab in many cases. Find out more about your options for drug or alcohol rehab by contacting us today or calling 800-626-1980 — we do accept most Aetna plans.