use united healthcare coverage for addiction treatment imageAs one of the largest healthcare providers in the nation, GHI/Emblem Health rehabilitation coverage offers an assortment of quality policies that provide various degrees of coverage. Although your addiction treatment policy can cover the costs, the upfront costs and payment for these kinds of services are dependent on the individual’s location and policy. To see how much your rehabilitation coverage will help, call us at 800-626-1980 or fill out the insurance verification form to the right.

Although you might be wondering, “Does GHI/Emblem Health cover inpatient drug rehab?” Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.”

How Do You Know If GHI/Emblem Health Rehab Coverage Is An Option?

Coverage will vary by plan, so it’s essential to know which benefits your plan offers. They have an online portal to make information regarding member benefits easily accessible. Admissions counselors and other staff will confirm your policy as well, providing you with information regarding how your plan will cover your treatment.

Accessing Your Coverage

With an active plan, professional assistance with drug or alcohol addiction is achievable. All you’ll need is your insurance card or information on hand when you reach out to our rehab facility for help. One of the most critical aspects of getting the help you need is reaching out for assistance. With our team of rehab professionals, we’ll help you figure out the specifics and assess your needs.

When you need coverage, getting the addiction treatment policy in place is as easy as following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the insurance portal linked above to find a local provider that offers inpatient rehab and accepts insurance.
  2. There’s also the option to use the Find Medical And Mental Health Providers And Facilities page to find the right provider. This list includes doctors and addiction treatment facilities that accept rehabilitation coverage.
  3. Have your insurance card on hand when you call or visit the provider you choose.

Does My Policy Cover Everything?

The amount you’ll need to pay out of pocket after GHI/Emblem health provides coverage depends on several factors. If your insurance deductible for the year has not been met yet, you might owe some money. For plans that have an out-of-pocket maximum and co-insurance, you might need to pay the out-of-pocket maximum. But if the maximum in healthcare expenses has been met already, you might not have to pay anything once your policy handles the cost.

If you need help, don’t let financial woes keep you from getting the help you need. In many instances, your GHI / Emblem Healthcare rehabilitation coverage will cover the cost of your rehab. Find out more about your options for drug or alcohol rehab by contacting us today or calling 800-626-1980