You’re taking an important step in addiction treatment.

Seeking help is the beginning of the journey. Our staff of professionals is here to help guide you through assessment and admission to our substance abuse treatment center.

Addiction Treatment Referrals

Referrals to our rehab program are often made by employers, Employee Assistance Professionals, union membership professionals, mental health counselors, physicians, professional regulatory organizations, managed care organizations, insurers, and individuals seeking addiction treatment for a loved one.

The referring professional or family member remains involved in the ongoing evaluation, treatment, and continuing care substance abuse treatment programs.

If you’re concerned that a loved one has a problem or requires intervention, we encourage you to call and talk to us about it. We can provide more information and answer any questions you might have regarding our drug treatment program – any time, day or night.

Substance Abuse Treatment Assessment

To achieve long-term recovery, we treat more than the symptoms of addiction. Causes must be identified and consequences assessed. Our behavioral healthcare team comprised of psychiatrists, addiction specialists, psychologists, and nurses assess a patient’s full history, including sociological background, psychological makeup, educational and work history, family and marriage difficulties, and medical issues. We provide dual diagnosis and can identify and treat any co-existing mental health problems that might complicate treatment or impede recovery. Relapse prevention begins as soon as you’ve made this important step toward treatment.

Preparing for Admission

We’ve prepared the following information to help you prepare to enter our treatment program.

All patients can expect to be treated respectfully in a safe, supportive environment. We are committed to maintaining our legal responsibility to protect each patient’s confidentiality.

During the program, you may want to have some spending money on hand, about $250, which will be put into an account for you. There are many local businesses where clients may purchase any incidentals.

Admissions to our program are accepted seven days a week. A trained professional, capable of making a recommendation that is unique to each person’s substance abuse treatment needs, including dual diagnosis will conduct the initial assessment and begin the individualized treatment process.

If you do plan to smoke, you may bring your own cigarettes. Smoking is permitted only in certain limited areas. Clients may purchase cigarettes at local stores

Telephone, Mail & Fax

When you arrive, you’ll be able to call someone to notify of your safe arrival. Telephones are in each apartment and are allowed to be used at certain times. We asked that calls be limited to 15 minutes. Phone cards are available for purchase.

Any mail should be addressed to:

Patient’s Namec/o Transitions Recovery
1031 Ives Dairy Road
Suite 224
Miami, FL 33179

Mail order packages will be delivered to a patient while under substance abuse treatment and must be opened in front of staff. All packages are subject to search.


Patients are responsible for their own travel arrangements to our Florida rehabilitation center. If traveling by air, bus, or train, we’ll meet you at the airport or station. (Please provide a physical description so we can recognize you.)

Family Program

During the admissions process, the patient will provide a list of family or significant others to invite for participation. The patient’s therapist will contact these family members and provide them with information about our family program. Patients should remember to bring addresses and phone numbers for all those he or she wishes to invite.

If you have any questions about other considerations for your stay with us, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-626-1980. We look forward to having you with us.