Freedom From Substance Abuse

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Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment Philosophy

Substance abuse treatment philosophy at Transitions Recovery is based on the belief that all of our patients are unique individuals who hold the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Recovery from years of drug and alcohol abuse requires time. Patients must create new support systems, learn to live in a drug or alcohol free world, and gain a true sense of the possibilities the future holds for them. An approach that supports the individual and family throughout each stage of the substance abuse treatment and recovery process is the foundation of our drug treatment and alcohol treatment programs.



Freedom from Substance Abuse

Our approach to substance abuse treatment has proven extremely effective in drug treatment and alcohol treatment, and especially in long-term relapse prevention.

Addiction recovery demands freedom from substance abuse and acceptance of a personal philosophy that promotes growth and change in not only the individual, but also the entire family.

Our drug treatment programs are committed to assisting our patients and family members with their growth, enabling them to rediscover their sense of self worth and enjoy hope and joy in their lives once again. We also believe that access to drug rehabilitation should not be restricted to only those who have vast financial resources. That’s why we offer various financial arrangements to suit the needs of our patients.



Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment – the Road to Successful Recovery

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to instill a sense of hope and positive anticipation for the future to counteract the suffering from the devastating consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. The education and skills development we provide play a central role in the lifelong journey of addiction recovery from substance abuse.

We continually work to reduce the stigma associated with addiction recovery and to help each patient take back his or her life with dignity and respect. Education and outreach are key to removing the social stigma often encountered by recovering addicts and alcoholics, and Transitions Recovery is actively involved n both throughout the community.

We provide a warm, reality-based therapeutic environment, guided by compassionate, professional staff, who are also fully prepared for dual diagnosis and treatment.

We believe that to effectively treat drug and alcohol abuse, a full continuum of treatment services can provide the support that is necessary for addiction recovery.


Substance Abuse Assistance at Every Stage of Recovery

Drug and alcohol abuse have a devastating impact on all facets of life. We offer several levels of treatment to provide support and guidance through every stage of recovery: residential extended care program, day treatment, intensive out patient, aftercare, and a family program.

Reality-based treatment, aftercare planning, alcohol and drug education, 12-step recovery principles and participation in 12-step programs, and active participation in the local recovery community are crucial components of our relapse prevention, which begins immediately.

Read more about how our treatment philosophy is demonstrated every day through our commitment to excellence as a drug rehab center providing patients with the highest level of substance abuse treatment.