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The Substance abuse treatment philosophy at Transitions Recovery is based on the belief that all of our patients are unique individuals who hold the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Our approach to substance abuse treatment has proven extremely effective, especially in long-term relapse prevention. Our team is committed to assisting our patients and family members with their growth to rediscover their sense of self worth, restoring hope and joy in their lives once again while rebuilding broken relationships. We also believe that access to drug rehabilitation should not be restricted to only those who have vast financial resources so we work to keep the price of our programs affordable.  We provide a warm, reality-based therapeutic environment. guided by compassionate, professional staff, who are also fully prepared for dual diagnosis treatment.  Call today to get on the road to recovery!

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Learn More About Our Reality Based Treatment Programs

Residential treatment at Transitions Recovery provides a gradual transition back to work, family, and the community through a reality-based alcohol and drug treatment center environment. Treatment is designed to move a patient through phases of recovery with groups, psycho-educational presentations and individual therapy, as well as a strong emphasis on 12-step meeting attendance and acquiring and developing a relationship with a sponsor. You’ll live in a gated community near North Miami Beach, with clean, modern ammenities, pool, tennis courts, gym and year round warm weather as an added bonus!

When a patient still requires intensive treatment but is no longer in need of 24-hour supervision, partial-day treatment or PHP provides the ongoing continuum of care needed to achieve long-term sobriety. Transition Recovery’s partial-day care is a step in the recovery process as the patient transitions from residential to outpatient and finally continuing care. The recovering individual spends daytime treatment hours in our comfortable, safe supportive location during the day and the night at his or her own home.  We also offer PHP with housing that allows patients to continue living in Transitions housing facilities while making the transition to their own housing.

After completing residential and PHP level of care, patients continue to receive a high level of support from our committed staff at Transitions Recovery.  We also offer professional support and assistance to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle for those who are only looking for outpatient services to maintain sobriety. (However, it is recommended that every journey to sobriety begins with a solid foundation to develop a stong base of sober-living skills with intensive residential addiction treatment.)

Co-occurring mental health rehab involves treating someone who is dealing with both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder at the same time. Mental health disorders can include issues such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks but might also include diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, PTSD or other mental health issues. Substance abuse disorders include addictions to drugs or alcohol. Perhaps the biggest benefit with properly trained staff is that therapists and doctors can help someone understand both disorders and how they are (or aren’t) connected.  Out trained staff can help you understand the role of mental health issues in recovery and develop healthy coping mechanisms that support long-term sobriety while also addressing other issues you may struggle with.

Other benefits of dual diagnosis rehab include:

  • Appropriate medication management
  • Comprehensive recovery solutions
  • The right level of education on each symptom

Ensure you’re working with a top-rated dual diagnosis rehab center if you believe you’re dealing with both an addiction and a mental health disorder.

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Alcohol Rehab Facility

Alcoholism doesn’t happen overnight; it evolves over time. This disease typically begins in a social setting. Social drinking is generally acceptable, but over time, this disease progresses into a severe problem. As recreational drinking continues, the individual needs more liquor to feel normal. The addiction continues its progression, and the addict’s tolerance continues to grow.  Throughout alcohol addiction, a person may feel the impact on their body and overall health. In addition to the health impacts it can have an impact on the behavior of individuals, especially in seniors.  As people age, so does the way the body deals with the excess alcohol.

Transitions Recovery Program offers a 12 step alcohol addiction treatment program.  We also treats all other forms of substance abuse.  Our alcohol rehab center is located in Miami, Florida and we assist in setting up alcohol and drug detox treatment when necessary.  Our alcohol treatment program can help people in managing addiction, and over time, recovering alcoholics can maintain the sober lifestyle they deserve. If you’re ready to start alcohol rehab in Florida, Call (866) 714-5938!

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction is considered a highly treatable disease, and recovery is attainable even with Dual Diagnosis.  Dual diagnosis treatment centers offer professional treatment for individuals who are experiencing both a mental health condition and a substance abuse disorder. Treating these types of diagnoses alongside each other is often critical to a successful outcome because they have a complex relationship with each other. Mental health issues can drive addiction and vice versa, and it often takes an experienced professional in an inpatient setting to help individuals untangle these truths so they can begin work to develop a healthier lifestyle. For individuals who are struggling with addiction, mental health issues or both, Transitions Recovery Program offers proven help.

Individualized Addiction Treatment


Why Transitions Recovery Program?

Since 1985 – We’ve been helping people find freedom from substance abuse

The Leader – One of the first Nationally accredited and state licensed rehab and dual diagnosis facilities in Florida

Family Owned and Operated – You’re not just a number, you’ll become part of our family and that makes a difference in treatment outcomes

Truly Affordable – We accept most private insurance plans and offer affordable self pay options

Compassionate – Supportive care by qualified professionals that in some cases have been in your shoes and understand from experience your struggles

Individualized Care – Our programs are tailored to your specific needs including physical, spiritual, and emotional needs

Safe & Clean – Residential apartments and reality based therapy helps to establish healthy daily routines

Free Lifetime Support – We offer weekly on site and virtual group meetings and activities to ensure you have the tools to ensure long term sobriety

Family support – We encourage heavy family involement to ensure rebuilding the ties that are important for your long term success

Alumni Association – After treatment you’ll join our family of Alumni which offers activities such a picnics, in house and virtual meetings for patients, alumni, staff and families to spend time together

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Transitions Recovery

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Google Verified Reviews

Alice Land

12 days ago

"The staff here are not only knowledgeable but they truly care. I can't express how grateful I am for the experience I had and the resources I was given in out-patient therapy. My life will be forever changed for the good and that is due to the tools they gave me to cope with life on life's terms. I would recommend this facility and team to anyone looking to be a better version of themselves. Life is good, recovery is real."

John O

10 days ago

"Beyond my expectations, the staff has gone above and beyond. The doors are always open for any situation you may need. They are there for you 24/7. I have learned a lot about recovery and I'm walking out a better man. I'm excited about sobriety and life. I feel safe walking back into the real world again because I now have the skills to cope and the defense against my first drink. Thank you Transitions!"

Justin Yassits

a month ago

"Transitions saved my life and career. I was on a path of destruction. I was hurting myself and whoever was around me with no concern care or consequence to follow. I was a walking zombie and was so far gone that I thought was normal. Events leading up to me ending up in treatment would prove that I was different and needed help but because I was so stubborn I would self medicate and think I had everything under control. Transitions Treatment proved to be a great tool and asset. Transitions helped me and can help you. Take a leap of faith, you owe it to yourself. You can either land on your feet or your face. The choice is yours so make the right choice!!"

Danielle Vieira

a month ago

"I would recommend Transition to anyone, I just celebrated 5 years clean and sober and they helped put me on this path. All of the staff really care and want to see you succeed. Even now, when life shows up I go there, they are still a huge support to my recovery!! I am so grateful for them!!!"

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