You might find yourself living a city life in Downtown Atlanta or riverside in Savannah, Georgia. You could be enjoying a hotdog while watching the game at A J Mc Clung Memorial Stadium in Columbus or picking peaches in Augusta. Regardless of where you find yourself in GA, this region is known for its Southern hospitality and culture

But just because Georgia is teeming with countryside landscapes, stunning skylines, hometown vibes, and peach orchards doesn’t mean it’s free from addiction. In 2016 alone, Georgia saw 1,394 drug overdose deaths. Even with the prominence of addiction in this state, it’s always possible to find resources to free oneself from this disease.

Finding addiction treatment in Georgia is no easy task. And as more Georgians find themselves coping with a substance abuse problem, our programs are becoming more popular than ever.

At Transitions Recovery, we’re far enough from home yet close enough to access in South Florida’s sunshine. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance addiction, the right treatment is essential.

So if you need drug rehab in Georgia, come achieve the best transition of yourself with Transitions Recovery. Please contact our Miami rehab today by calling 800-626-1980

Receiving Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help in Georgia

At Transitions Recovery, we specialize in finding and treating the root of addictions. We begin with a medically assisted drug detox to aid you in clearing any undesirable substances from your body –– without the terrible side effects of withdrawal.

We understand how terrible Georgia’s opioid crisis has been, resulting in 1,013 overdose deaths involving opioids in Georgia in 2017 alone. In fact, that year, Georgia wrote 70.9 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people, further showing just how common this problem became as a result.

Needing alcohol rehab in Georgia is common, as well. From 2004 to 2014, Georgia saw 45,108 people for treatment with a substance abuse disorder. Of this number, 40% received treatment for alcohol. It seems that while some people prefer sweet peaches in Georgia, many can’t stay away from the ferments.

Successful Recovery at Transitions Recovery

At Transitions Recovery, we offer residential drug rehab and outpatient rehab programs to match any lifestyle. Our clients find the clean life they’re looking for with long-term success in mind.

You’ll learn about, develop, and practice healthy coping mechanisms. Healing your brain, body, and mind is essential to this therapy, helping you to work through any issues you might have in the process.

As we prepare you for the outside world, we’ll help you form a positive lifestyle you can take with you when you leave. You’ll also have our continuing care for more guidance after you leave.

Continuing Care for Successful Rehabilitation

Even though the statistics show how prevalent substance abuse is in Georgia, Georgians are seeking recovery out of state. They know they can be free from addiction with the right assistance, and you can too.

Now is your chance to find the help you need. After you find a better transition of yourself, we provide lifetime aftercare at our treatment center in North Miami Beach, Florida, ensuring your treatment doesn’t stop when your program is over.

To find a long-term solution for your addiction, please contact Transitions Recovery today by calling 800-626-1980.