Tourists flock to Illinois from all over the world. Some might visit the Bean at Millennium Park in Chicago while others prefer strolling through Cantigny Park near Aurora and Naperville. Regardless of where people go in this state, Illinois is full of diversity.

Some people prefer to check out the peaceful Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, while others would rather take a tour of Old Joliet Prison. However, even with these awe-inspiring attractions throughout the state, the need for addiction treatment in Illinois cannot go unnoticed. 

While Illinois helps in shaping the social, cultural, and political future of the United States, this state is no stranger to substance use disorders. Illinois’s substance abuse problems are treatable though. 

At Transitions Recovery, we’re helping people successfully heal from a plethora of addictions. During your time with us, we’ll provide you with the treatment you need to find the best transition of yourself.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance addiction, it’s possible to change for the better. So if you’re looking for drug rehab in Illinois, leave your troubles behind and seek treatment at Transitions Recovery. Please contact our Miami rehab today by calling 800-626-1980

Healing from Addiction Takes Time

At Transitions Recovery, we focus on bringing an end to your addiction, once and for all. If necessary, we begin with a medically assisted drug detox, effectively helping you avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. This is especially important since the opioid crisis hit.

Illinois suffered from the opioid crisis, resulting in 2,202 opioid-related deaths during 2017. Just the year before in 2016, there were 1,946 opioid overdose fatalities in Illinois. Many addiction problems stem from this crisis, so it’s no wonder why there’s still such a demand for addiction treatment.

Other forms of substance abuse are occurring throughout this state, as well. Within the Land of Lincoln, 6.2% of the residents were dependent on alcohol between 2013 and 2014. Out of 20,587 people receiving treatment for a substance use disorder in 2005 throughout 2015, 34% of those people were treated for alcohol abuse.

Transitions Recovery offers residential drug rehab and outpatient programs to help you change your life for the better. Through this therapy, we’ll uncover the root causes of your addiction, analyze them, and give you the tools to stay on track.

Our programs will encourage you to learn about, develop, and practice healthy coping mechanisms. As you heal your brain, body, and mind, you’ll work through your issues with our guidance.

Continuing Care for Successful Rehabilitation

Even with the statistics highlighting substance use disorders in Illinois, we’re seeing more and more people from Illinois coming in for treatment. They understand that addiction isn’t who they are, and while addiction might have you feeling hopeless, getting help is the first step towards recovery.

We’ll bolster your successes at Transitions Recovery by offering lifetime aftercare at our treatment center in North Miami Beach, Florida. So if you’re seeking a long-term solution for addiction, please contact Transitions Recovery today by calling 800-626-1980.