As one of the first 13 colonies to settle in the US, the Baked Bean State is at the epicenter of American history, culture, and cuisine. The Mayflower at Plymouth Rock, the Worcester Art Museum, and let’s not forget the seafood selection –– who doesn’t love a nice crock of clam chowder?

While it’s an excellent tourist destination and a great place to live, Massachusetts is also home to an ever-expanding substance abuse problem. Even with the help of treatment centers throughout the region, many people seeking addiction treatment in Massachusetts are choosing to come down south.

As addiction continues to spread from Boston to Cambridge, Lowell, and other Massachusetts cities, the need for assistance becomes all too apparent. We’re now seeing more clients coming to us from New England than ever before.

Looking for drug rehab in Massachusetts? Find the best transition of yourself at Transitions Recovery. We’ll find and treat the root of your addiction to ensure long-term results. Please contact our rehab in Florida today by calling 800-626-1980

Healing from Drug & Alcohol Addiction

At Transitions Recovery, your healing is our priority. Our facility is equipped to provide you with a medically assisted drug detox if you need one, effectively avoiding any severe symptoms that could come with withdrawal. The country’s opioid crisis did not exclude Massachusetts from its wrath, meaning many clients need this initial extra aid.

While seeking a solution, the opioid overdose death toll has been on the rise. Pharmacists don’t prescribe as many of these pills nowadays. However, with 1,913 drug overdose deaths involving opioids in Massachusetts during 2017, it’s safe to say this drug is still causing severe problems throughout this region.

Alcohol rehab in Massachusetts is becoming more necessary than in the past. With almost 29% of minors from the age of 12 to 20 consuming alcohol, anyone can imagine how big an issue alcohol is here. In fact, Massachusetts is number 20 in alcohol consumption per capita by state.

Finding Help at Transitions Recovery

At Transitions Recovery, we’re working with our clients to help them achieve the long-term sobriety they deserve. We target the root causes of your addiction, providing therapy to treat the condition.

During your time with us, you’ll learn about, develop, and practice healthy coping mechanisms. As you heal your brain, body, and mind, you’ll learn more about your issues and reveal the change your life needs through family therapy.

During your progression through our program, you’re preparing to enter back into the world. With a positive lifestyle to pair with your continuing care, you’ll find the success you crave.

Continuing Care for Successful Rehabilitation

Even with statistics showing how substance abuse in Massachusetts is a problem, residents are still seeking recovery. Since our facilities are far enough away from home yet still within reach, Transitions Recovery is the right choice for anyone looking for help with a substance abuse disorder.

Once you complete your program, you’ll have lifetime aftercare at our North Miami Beach, Florida treatment center. You’ll always have the maintenance you need to continue your path towards the best transition of yourself, increasing your chance for success.

Interested in a long-term solution for addiction? Please contact Transitions Recovery today by calling 800-626-1980.