top drug rehab for residents in new jersey imageAs addiction continues spreading throughout New Jersey’s most populated cities, it’s easy to see that an intervention is in order. With heroin, prescription opioid, and methamphetamine abuse continuing throughout the state, residents can’t help but notice the impact substance abuse is having on “The Garden State.”

Addicts don’t always think there’s an issue with their substance abuse. They don’t see a reason to get assistance, let alone seek treatment from a New Jersey drug rehab center.

Even with their health declining significantly, a lack of participation in the activities they once enjoyed, and the amount of effort they put towards finding and using a substance, denial is all too common — and a solution is essential.

Families and friends will continue mourning as loved ones continue down the same path. Embrace the solution and find the treatment you deserve at Transitions Recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how Transitions Recovery can help.

Addiction Running Rampant In The Garden State

Substance abuse is a serious problem throughout New Jersey, and overdoses occur each day. Throughout 2017, the state had nearly 2,000 opioid drug-related overdose deaths — this rate is 22 deaths for every 100,000 people. With this being the case, this is 50 percent more than the national rate.

As these deaths continue throughout Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Hoboken, and others, there’s still no end to the loss of life this state is experiencing. In fact, New Jersey had the most drug overdose deaths in 2018. The opioid crisis in this state alone has the potential to result in more lives lost than the flu, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, homicide, suicide, prostate cancer, and car accidents combined.

Liquor is also plaguing residents of New Jersey, and this has brought on harsh punishments for DUI convictions. Even those convicted of their first DUI generally receive the following punishments:

  • Loss of privilege to drive for three months
  • As much as 30 days in the county jail
  • $250 to $400 in fines
  • A $1,000 surcharge for three years
  • More fees and surcharges totaling over $525
  • Potential Ignition Interlock requirement for between six and twelve months
  • Alcohol/substance abuse assessment
  • 12 hours of mandatory alcohol classes

So why would anyone keep drinking when the option to attend a New Jersey alcohol rehab center such as Transitions Recovery is available?

For anyone letting this disease fester, substance abuse disorder has the potential to result in a loss of life. Even with this in mind, the addiction will lower the addict’s quality of life long before it takes one’s life.

Self-medication is all too common. The decision to treat themselves is clouded, and they don’t know that addiction treatment for residents in New Jersey is actually easy to obtain.

The problem here is that treating yourself is problematic. The substance abuse has altered your brain structure and function, so in these cases, self-treatment is rarely effective.

Thus, the alterations to one’s brain make it hard to control substance abuse, which is precisely why the experts state professional treatment combined with total abstinence is the best way to get and stay clean.

Seeking professional treatment leaves nothing up to chance. With the right team behind you, your success is a sure thing — and that’s what you’ll find at Transitions Recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how we can help.

Long-Term Rehab In New Jersey

To find assistance, you have to seek it out. Without putting the effort towards healing, the symptoms will only get worse. Think about how a change would improve your life.

Think about this. You’re done with the late nights and dependence on substances. You’re sober and who you were is now a distant memory. The best transition of yourself is now here to stay thanks to the progress you made with Transitions Recovery. Years have passed, and you can safely say you’re clean for good.

You have a great job. Now you know what it means to have stability, and the life you’re living is beyond what you ever would’ve expected.

Your family is happy with your progress, and while it took a while for some people to come around, you’re glad they did. You’re now better to your family, and they appreciate everything your life has become — and so do you.

Your life has some stress, but it’s nothing compared to the stress of addiction. You don’t even think about your past anymore too.

You take time for yourself. Your mental health is better than ever. You’ve even started eating healthier food, become a social butterfly, and hit the gym every so often when you have the time.

Life is good, and you have your experience going through the long-term rehabilitation program to thank for your new-found life. But even though you’re thankful, you barely think about it anymore.

Your Sober Solution

If extending your life was the only benefit of a sober lifestyle, it’d still be something you’d do. However, you get more than a long life; you get a better life.

Your time and money are valuable, but investing in your treatment will increase the time you have and save you money long-term.

So why allow your addiction to continue when the solution is easy to access? And where will you end up if you don’t find the best transition of yourself?

The countless dollars and time you spend on substance abuse, you can find a million and one better ways to use it. Think of what you could do if you weren’t dependent on these substances and had just a little bit of that money in-hand.

If you plan to get clean and live a better life you can grow with, Transitions Recovery will get you there. Forget the old you and transition to the best you possible.

Substance abuse will lead you down a road you don’t need to go down. Homelessness, losing contact with loved ones, and worse await you on that trail. But treatment will help.

Choose life and get the treatment you need at Transitions Recovery.

We’ll help you get sober, and you’ll experience all that you deserve. Reach for something more with a clean lifestyle your family and friends know you can achieve.

If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how Transitions Recovery can help.