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Drug and alcohol addiction can be a very low point in a person’s life. Anyone who has dealt with a serious addiction, or knows someone who has gone through this understands that there are serious consequences for not taking care of it. It is paramount that someone who is struggling with addiction addresses it as soon as possible to prevent the sickness from worsening. In New Jersey, Transitions Drug & Alcohol addiction treatment centers & programs are some of the best available in the country.

In a rehabilitation center, the patient will receive top quality care from a trained professional. These treatment centers use the safest and most reliable methods to help those struggling with addiction to persevere. While recovering, the patient will be taught how to have a strong mind and a sense of strength to prevent further drug or alcohol use down the road. The rehabilitation centers focus on a patient’s mental strength. They understand that addiction is a sickness in the mind that makes resisting temptations nearly impossible for its victims. Every individual person has specific emotional needs, and there are several different treatment plans which help solve that specific problem. For this reason, it is important that patients research different rehab centers to make sure they are receiving the treatment they need. Transition Recovery, has been helping individuals cope with drug & alcohol addiction since 1985.

As many people know, addiction does not only affect one person. The victim’s family is directly affected by this disease. Chances are the family does not know the proper way to handle these types of situations. This is why many drug rehabilitation centers will educate the entire family on how to cope with these unfortunate circumstances. Many patients who initially enter a drug and alcohol treatment center will need to undergo a detox before the addiction treatment begins. Transitions Drug Rehab has several medical and psychiatric professionals who are ready to assist any newcomer in completely ridding their bodies of these toxins. Patients who choose to detox at Transitions feel a sense of relief knowing that the on-site detox program is safe and is ready for any individual case. Once the patient’s body has been completely cleansed, the rehab center will then ease into the treatment of the actual addiction.

Not all rehab centers are the same in New Jersey. In fact there are several different treatment plans in each center which may vary in the time required and costs. Those who require a longer stay and more intensive care will probably be required to pay a higher fee. For questions regarding treatment plans and costs, you can contact Transitions – 800-298-1783. Their friendly staff will be able to answer any of your questions and guide you in the right direction. If Transitions does not offer the treatment plan you are looking for, they will recommend another fantastic rehabilitation center in the New Jersey area!

Types of Addiction Treatment Available at Transitions

Alcohol – Alcohol is one of the most common addictions in New Jersey. This is a physical addiction that will wear down an individual in every asset. It is important for someone who thinks they have a problem with alcohol to get help immediately before it worsens. The more you abuse this substance, the worse your health becomes and the harder it is to quit. For those wishing to quit, detox is an extremely important step in the process which needs to be monitored by medical professionals. Once the body has been safely rid of alcohol, one can begin the process of curing the addiction.

Cocaine – Because Crack Cocaine is such an easy and cheap drug to acquire it is no surprise that it has become a serious problem in the state of New Jersey. The side effects of this drug are devastating. Many users state that after using it for their first time, they are constantly chasing that initial high. If you or someone you know is currently a crack cocaine user, be sure to get help immediately before the consequences become too great.
Heroine – This highly addictive drug has made quite a presence in the state of New Jersey. Being a physically addictive drug, it will leave a victim’s life in ruins if not taken care of quickly. A user’s body will develop a dependence on this substance in a short period of time which results in the addiction spiraling out of control. It is important to seek medical help when detoxing from this deadly drug.


Meth has made quite an impact on drug users in New Jersey. This synthetic drug is produced in make shift labs around the state as well as the country. The production and sale of this drug alone has become a serious and dangerous problem. Meth addicts find themselves overly paranoid and anxious; unable to sleep for days. Signs of meth abuse can be seen in victim’s teeth, depending on how the drug is ingested. If a meth addict does not seek help, he or she will find themselves in a dark place with their only concern being how to find more.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are extremely dangerous and their use is constantly on the rise. Many people become hooked after suffering from an injury. After taking strong pain killers for an extended period of time, your body develops a dependency on these drugs. Such drugs include Vicodin, OxyConton, Xanax and Vallium. Other people obtain these drugs through illegal methods. No matter how the addiction began, this is a life threatening, as well as an expensive habit. Users should seek help as soon as possible and begin getting their life back on track. If you or a loved one are suffering from a serious addiction and are unsure of what steps you need to take, be sure to call Transitions – 800-298-1783.

In New Jersey, drug & alcohol addiction treatment centers & programs are extremely affordable and will gently guide you in your journey of overcoming drug addiction.