Addiction is plaguing the state of New York. As heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription opioid abuse is on the rise, residents throughout the state are feeling the adverse impacts of substance abuse.

Many people believe they don’t have a problem. They don’t think they should seek help, let alone from a New York drug rehab center.

Regardless of the obvious health deterioration, the activities they no longer do anymore, the dedication to their substance of choice, and more — many addicts are in denial and in need of a solution. With addicts dying and families mourning so many deaths, Transitions Recovery is the solution for people suffering from addiction. 

If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how Transitions Recovery can help.

Addiction Problems In The State Of New York

As New York residents continue struggling with substance abuse, the number of overdoses is on the rise throughout the state. According to the City of New York, in the third quarter of 2018 alone, there were 337 confirmed overdose deaths. In fact, every six hours, a drug overdose kills someone in New York City.

With the Statue of Liberty overlooking more residents dying of drug overdoses than suicides, homicides, and motor vehicle crashes combined, it’s easy to see how this issue has spread. These deaths have been on the rise over the last seven consecutive years as well, showing no end to the problem in sight.

But “The Big Apple” isn’t the only place overdoses are happening. Brooklyn’s residents mourned 359 drug overdose deaths in 2017. The Bronx had 363 deaths that same year. Queens mourned 269, Manhattan 225, and Staten Island 101.

And what about the liquor problems? First-time DUI convictions in New York are nothing to scoff at. You can experience the following penalties when convicted of a DUI in New York:

  • $500 to $1,000 in fines
  • As long as a year in jail
  • Your license revoked for a minimum of six months

Why continue drinking when there’s a New York alcohol rehab center like Transitions Recovery ready to get you clean?

For those who don’t do anything to treat this disease, substance abuse disorder can eventually take their lives. However, it will continue dominating their lives long before the end. Some people try to treat themselves. They decide they’re going to make a change for the better without realizing that addiction treatment for residents in New York is actually accessible.

When some addicts try to treat themselves, they don’t know that the substance they’ve been using has changed their brain structure and function. With these changes, it’s very difficult for an addict to maintain control over substance abuse. That’s why health experts say professional treatment paired with complete abstinence is the ideal way to break a habit.

If you’re trying to treat your addiction on your own, you don’t know if your efforts will work. You need a team behind you, and that’s what you’ll have when you come to Transitions Recovery.

Long-Term Rehab In New York

If you don’t seek help, your path will not change. The addiction continues, as do the symptoms. But what if you do receive the assistance you need and you do get better?

Imagine you’ve put down the bottle, you’ve flushed your pills — you’ve gotten clean without ever going back to the person you once were. You’ve achieved a better transition of yourself with Transitions Recovery. And it’s been years since you’ve been dependent on substances.

You’ve held a job for several years now. You finally understand the benefit of having some stability in your life and are enjoying the peace of mind you’d heard so much about. You’re closer to your family than you’ve ever been. Your mother is proud to tell her friends about you. You haven’t seen her cry in quite some time. And you’re spending lots of precious time making up for lost time — loving every second of it.

You’re not stressing out like you used to. There’s rarely a time you find yourself thinking of your past. You’re enjoying the clarity that has become your new norm.

You’re taking better care of yourself than you ever would’ve expected — going to the gym a couple times a week, eating healthier, and being more social. You have a mortgage you’re paying off, and you’re beyond satisfied with your significant other.

This is a reality you can experience after committing to a long-term rehabilitation program in New York and receiving the treatment you need.

A Sober Solution

If a longer life was all you’d get from obtaining and sticking with a clean lifestyle, it’d be worth the effort. But you don’t just get to live to a ripe old age, you’ll get to experience a more fulfilling life.

Investing your time and money in this essential rehabilitation is worth so much more than it will cost to let this problem fester. So why would anyone continue down the same detrimental path when the answer to their problems is so accessible? And what will happen if you don’t learn to live a sober lifestyle?

The money and effort you’re wasting obtaining and using can be better spent. Imagine all that you’re wasting on your substance of choice. And now picture how much more you could do with your life if you had even just a small percentage of it at your disposal.

If you want to get sober and live a healthier lifestyle you can build upon, get the treatment you need at Transitions Recovery… it’s time to get past the past and welcome a new transition of yourself — a better transition you can be proud of. If you continue using, there’s no telling what will happen. You can become homeless, alienate everyone you know and love, or worse. But what about if you opt for treatment? What then?

Make the right choice and commit to treatment.

Transitions Recovery is here to help you achieve and live the clean life you deserve, find the sobriety your family wants you to maintain, and experience the better version of you we all know exists.

If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how Transitions Recovery can help.