Life-Changing Addiction Rehabilitation Center, New York

drug rehab New YorkAddiction patients have to undergo a lot of physical, social and emotional turmoil, and they don’t suffer alone; their families have to share the trauma as well. To help such individuals and their families to overcome the suffering and re-instigate their lives, Transitions Recovery offers a passionate service of drug and alcohol rehab treatments.

Located in the serene and positive environs, Transitions Recovery has been a haven for those wanting to get rid of substance abuse and lead an addiction-free life forever. For those struggling with an addiction problem in the forever-competitive New York City life, we can provide a perfect recovery program that can help such people deal with stress better. Our team of medical experts comprises of physicians, counselors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and other support staff that ensures complete recovery of the patients. Personalized attention is provided to each patient and a customized alcohol/drug abuse rehab program is created.

So far, our drug and alcohol treatment center has experienced high success rate, owing to the calming environment and continual care provided to each and every patient. Dual diagnosis is the key component of our substance abuse treatment program. Under this treatment, patients are treated not only for the physical damages done by addiction but also for the mental illnesses caused due to that. Some of the most commonly diagnosed co-occurring illnesses include depression, anxiety, anger, sexual addiction, eating disorders, and trauma.

To make our services reachable for all the drug and alcohol addiction patients, we provide the most affordable programs for the residents of New York. Affordable pricing combined with world-class treatments and facilities make our alcohol and drug abuse rehab center most popular and successful in the city and across the country.

To schedule an appointment with one of our friendly counselors, call 800-626-1980 today.

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