the buckeye state drug rehab in ohio imageOhio is an excellent place to live, but it’s not free of addiction. With methamphetamine, heroin, and prescription opioid abuse widespread epidemics, residents throughout the state find themselves mourning the loss of a loved one all too often.

The majority of people can’t come to terms with their addiction. They don’t know that denial is keeping them from visiting an Ohio drug rehab center.

Even with their health going downhill, a lack of motivation to do what they love, the constant abuse of their preferred substance, and other problems — a lot of addicts have a difficult time coming to terms and committing to a solution.

As addicts who refuse to seek help leave their friends and family behind, Transitions Recovery is making strides as the best solution for those who find themselves addicted to substances.

If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how Transitions Recovery can help.

Addiction Running Rampant In Ohio

While Ohio natives find themselves stuck in a whirlwind of addiction, overdoses continue to occur throughout the region. In fact, claims Ohio is one of the top five states experiencing opioid-related overdose deaths. As of 2016, the state has a total of 3,613 opioid-related overdose deaths — resulting in a devastating 39.2 deaths for every 100,000 people. This is actually double the national opioid overdose death rate.

Cleveland is finding the impact of opioid addiction unbearable. Blue collar workers are having the most trouble with abusing these substances. Ohio construction workers were deemed seven times as likely to have an opioid overdose-related death in Ohio after a Plain Dealer analysis of 12,000 opioid overdose deaths revealed statistics from 2010 throughout 2016.

But other workers throughout the Ohio region are at-risk as well. Landscaping, machine, and building maintenance have double the chance of dying of an opioid overdose. Tree trimmers have the most risk. Farmworkers and people working on cars are also at a greater risk of having an opioid or heroin overdose in Ohio.

Ohio isn’t unfamiliar with liquor addictions as well. DUI, or OVI, convictions in Columbus result in some severe punishments. Here’s what happens when convicted for a “Low Test” OVI:

  • Between 3 days and 6 months in jail
  • Six months to 3 years suspension of license
  • Fines between $375 and $1,075

But it can be even worse. For those convicted of a “High Tier” OVI, these are the consequences:

  • Between 6 days and 6 months in jail
  • Fines between $375 and $1,075
  • Suspension of driver’s license for 6 months to 3 years
  • Yellow “Party” License Plates: Mandatory
  • Ignition Interlock

Other cities, such as Toledo, Akron, and Youngstown have comparable punishments. With so much to risk, it makes more sense to seek treatment from Transitions Recovery, an Ohio alcohol rehab center solving alcohol addiction problems before they go too far.

Remaining stagnant and avoiding treatment can result in a loss of life. But even with this being the case, the addiction takes over one’s life way before this happens.

Treating yourself isn’t the answer. While you might be trying to change on your own, the addiction treatment for residents in Ohio is more accessible and effective than you think.

The problem is that treating yourself doesn’t take the changes your brain structure and function have experienced as a result of your substance abuse.

Maintaining control over substance abuse is highly difficult after these alterations, which is why so many experts claim profession treatment combined with avoiding substances is the best way to remain clean.

For those attempting to get their addiction under control without seeking treatment, it’s hard to tell if you’ll be successful. With the team at Transitions Recovery helping you every step of the way, a better transition of yourself is a certainty.

Long-Term Rehab In Ohio

Deviating from the normal is essential if you’re looking for a change. Without these efforts, addiction and symptoms will continue. How much better your life could be once you’re clean?

Picture this:

The bottles are gone, as are the pills — you’re sober and never plan to allow addiction to rear its ugly head in your life again. You’re the best transition of yourself after going through Transitions Recovery’s treatment program. And the substances that dominated your life in the past are a distant memory.

You have a good job now, and it’s consistently a pleasure to go to work. Your life is stable, and peace of mind is now commonplace each day.

Your family likes having you around — it took them a while to come around, but after a few years, they realized your sobriety is permanent. Even your mother is constantly boasting about you to everyone, talking about how far you’ve come. You’re spending lots of time with everyone — and you don’t know how you ever abandoned such a wonderful life.

The stress you used to have is gone. Your mind has gone through such a dramatic upheaval that you barely remember the person you were — and you’d like to keep it that way.

Your smile is brighter, as are your clothes. You’re now a pleasure to be around, and people are taking notice. Happy people gravitate towards you, and you and your significant other have never been happier.

This is what can happen when you focus on achieving sobriety through a long-term rehabilitation program. Think of it as a gift to your future self.

Your Sober Solution

Even if you only had a longer life from living sober, you’d make the leap. But you’ll live a better life as well as a longer one.

It’s a time and money investment, but this rehab is going to change your life for the better, make your time more valuable, and save you money in the long-run.

So why keep up this lifestyle? We all know where it leads, and none of us want to go there.

The financial backing it takes to purchase substances is a waste. Now think of all that money and how you could better spend it if you had invested just a bit of your money and time in treatment years ago.

If you’re interested in getting clean and building a new life for yourself, Transitions Recovery is the answer — it’s time for a change.

Choose life and get the therapy you owe yourself. If you or a loved one is suffering through addiction call us now at 800-626-1980 to learn how Transitions Recovery can help.

Transitions Recovery will help you at every milestone. Let’s reach the sobriety everyone wants for you, and bring the best transition of yourself to the surface.