Florida is an unusual state for drug abuse and drug trafficking.Florida is a paradise to vacationers; from some of the most beautiful beaches in Tampa to world-renowned theme parks in Orlando, it’s a fantastic place to get away from life for a while. But for the thousands of people abusing drugs and alcohol, finding addiction treatment in Florida is essential.

With more people needing assistance with a substance abuse problem than ever before, we’re treating various kinds of addictions each day. From residential drug rehab to outpatient rehab, you’ll find everything you need to heal at Transitions Recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance addiction, the right treatment will make a world of difference. So if you’re looking for a Florida rehab, come find the best transition of yourself at Transitions Recovery.

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Drug Abuse in Florida

Opioids have some of the worst withdrawal symptoms. Since the country’s opioid crisis hit Florida harder than most other states, many people need medical assistance to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms while detoxing.

Even with a decrease in prescription opioid rates following the initial opioid crisis, the Sunshine state saw 4,996 opioid overdose deaths in 2016. As more people succumb to this addiction, the need for a way to break the bonds of addiction is becoming more important.

Alcohol Addiction in Florida

In Biscayne, Palm Beach, and many other Florida cities, alcohol overdoses are on the rise, as well. With Floridians drinking an average of 2.72 gallons each year, it’s the 13th most alcohol-intoxicated state in the U.S. 

Many Floridians are seeking alcohol rehab in Florida, and it’s not hard to image why. With 11,053 alcohol treatment admissions from 2015 through 2016, alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances amidst the sunshine and palm trees.

Healing at Transitions Recovery

At Transitions Recovery, we commit to helping everyone who walks through our doors, bringing them forward from a life plagued by addiction. We’ll begin by helping you clear your body of substances with a medically assisted drug detox.

Our residential drug rehab and outpatient rehab are programs focusing on achieving sobriety and staying sober long-term. Achieving and maintaining this cleaner lifestyle means therapy uncovering the root causes of your addiction.

During your time with us, you’ll heal your brain, body, and mind as you work through issues with loved ones through family therapy. You’ll learn about, develop, and practice healthy coping mechanisms, as well. This progression will prepare you for the outside world by forming a positive lifestyle you can adhere to during your continuing care.

Continuing Care for Successful Rehabilitation

While statistics show that substance abuse in Florida is running rampant, the number of people seeking recovery is on the rise. Addiction isn’t essential in life, and while you might struggle with a substance abuse disorder, the first step to getting better is seeking help.

After achieving the best transition of yourself, we offer lifetime aftercare at our drug treatment center in south Florida. To learn more about our long-term solution for addiction call 800-626-1980.