The Place For Maryland Residents To Find Alcohol Addiction Help

The Place For Maryland Residents To Find Alcohol Addiction Help

Maryland alcohol addiction has become an ever-increasing problem that needs immediate attention. Every day, thousands of Maryland residents are affected by alcohol abuse, with 40% of all Maryland drug users abusing alcohol either on its own or with another drug. Family members and friends of alcohol abusers are also in need of support and care as they continue to struggle with how to help the ones they love.

Since 1985, Transitions Recovery Program of Miami Beach, Florida has been helping those in need of alcohol addiction recovery with care and support throughout all walks of life. Alcohol does not target any specific person which is why Transitions Recovery aims to provide individual treatment programs that involve family members and friends as well. As a nationally JCAHO accredited and state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider, Transitions Recovery has produced positive results with inpatient and outpatient care through a holistic approach of medical, psychological, therapeutic, and self-help fields with the goal of helping the patient achieve and sustain long-term sobriety, free from substance abuse.

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Extensive Alcohol Addiction Treatment Beyond The Surface

Behind every user is a story. This story may be plagued with depression, anxiety, trauma, or eating disorders. Wrapped up in a package and tied tightly with the strong hand of alcohol, a person’s life becomes dependent and addicted because of these chronic illnesses that engulf their lives. Changing that lifestyle is the biggest mountain alcohol addicts must climb. In order to start the climb, patients are treated with extensive alcohol care including one-on-one drug treatment counseling, group therapy and counseling, gender-specific groups and 12-step programs.

In order to support their full recovery along with alcohol addiction treatment, patients are also gaining treatment for the elements that may be supporting their addiction, which include depression, sexual addiction, and trauma and abuse. This full immersion into treating patients in all aspects of their lives allows them to tackle their demons head on and in a comfortable, accepting environment full of support and love.

Help For Family Members of Alcohol Addicts

Successful substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery addresses the needs of family members and significant others. Family members are crucial to supporting their loved ones through the process of building a new sober life that involves routines and productive habits. Because the lives of all family members are inseparable, substance abuse is most effective when treated as a family disease.

In many cases of alcohol addiction, family members need attention and help as well. Although some family members may seem perfectly healthy, underlying attitudes and behaviors may have been shaped by dealing with the substance abuse by the family member. Because of this, Transitions Recovery provides support for families through family support groups, multi-family groups, and individual sessions with a therapist. During a family’s involvement, they will learn about the diseases and disorders related to substance abuse. These alcohol addiction recovery programs give the opportunity to heal together with the addicted family member and address issues that have had a long-term impact on their lives.

A New Life Full of Support

Individuals facing substance abuse and alcoholism addiction treatment require a continuum of care that helps them gradually ease their way back into the challenges of daily life. After completing the residential addiction treatment and day treatment, substance abuse patients continue to receive a high level of support from Transitions Recovery addiction rehab center. This support includes involvement in 12-step programs and lifetime aftercare for continued recovery in all aspects of life, including relationships, education, and physical health. All Transitions Recovery drug treatment center psychiatric and psychological services remain available to patients for life, including continued relapse prevention education and 24-hour access to drug treatment center staff.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about our treatments, beautiful facility, amazing staff, and continued positive support. Our alcohol addiction programs demonstrate our commitment to excellence to patients and affected family and friends through ongoing care and love. Our holistic approach and peaceful location continue to grow and enhance the lives of many people through all walks of life. Give us a call today and talk with us about how we can change your life. 800-626-1980