A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Gets to the Root of Addiction

By Jeannie Colter

In a time when many people specialize and focus on one specific aspect of their work or industry, you may wonder why Transitions is a drug and alcohol rehab center and not a place that focuses solely on helping people end just drug abuse or just alcohol abuse. Wouldn’t it better to just concentrate on one? That is not the right question to ask. Instead it is better to understand more about the nature of addiction: we use our expertise to help patients end a number of different addictive behaviors

You may have heard that one drug can act as a “gateway drug,” making it easier for someone to turn to a different drug. And for some people abusing drugs can make it easier to begin abusing alcohol or vice versa. Others actively abuse both drugs and alcohol at the same time.

Our professional and caring staff understands the nature of addiction and substance abuse. People may start abusing drugs or alcohol for different reasons but the fact that they have turned to a substance to cope with challenges means that competent professionals can address the issue no matter what the substance may be. This does not mean that we handle all substance abuse in the same way but rather that our staff is skilled in helping patients get to the root cause of substance abuse so that they can change their mindset and their behavior.

In addition, many people who seek treatment might think they need help with ending the abuse of a particular substance and when they are admitted to a drug and alcohol rehab center, it may become evident that they really have been abusing more than one substance. We work on overall sobriety and well being so someone leaves us with the tools to handle the temptation to turn to a substance rather than finding a healthier way to face life’s challenges.

We want our patients to be able to regain control of their lives so they are motivated by a desire to live fully and no longer motivated by the demands of an addiction.

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