Alcohol Addiction Plagues Texas Teens

The world changes. Sometimes the change is for the better. Unfortunately, one change is that young people are exposed to much more temptation and opportunities to obtain drugs and alcohol these days than any previous generations. There are drugs available currently that did not exist just a few years ago.

While today’s young people have a wealth of information about the dangers of addiction, they are not fully matured. As such, they are more vulnerable to peer pressure and seeking quick relief from depression and the many stresses of modern life.

A shift in patients seeking help for addiction

KIII-TV reports that the number of people in the age range of 18 to 25 who are seeking treatment for addiction in Dallas alcohol rehab facilities has been increasing in recent years. While the average age for patients in Dallas alcohol rehab remains somewhere near 45, the percentage of people in their twenties or younger is growing. Statistics indicate that almost half of all people who begin drinking at the age of 12 and continue to drink will become alcoholics.

Prescription drug abuse among teens remains high

Ranked behind only alcohol and marijuana as the most abused drugs in the United States by people 14 and older, prescriptions drugs and over the counter medications pose serious risks for teenagers. The percentage of high school seniors who have used prescription drugs at some point has remained at about 20 percent for the past four years. Just as opiods taken for pain relief can lead to addiction for the elderly, stimulants used to treat conditions like ADHD can become problematic for teens when not used as directed by a doctor.

Seek help as soon as possible

The Miami facility of Transitions Recovery uses treatment programs that are individually tailored for each Texas patient. If your son or daughter is struggling with addiction, contact us at 800-298-1783 to get them the help they need.


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