Father to Start Foundation for Addiction Recovery

The details of Amy Winehouse’s death are up for public scrutiny just as the details of her life were also. Some of these details however, may serve to encourage others to act responsibly to avoid the same fate. There are reports that Winehouse had her will in order, so that her ex-husband will not benefit and her fortune will go to her family. That detail may be connected to her father’s announcement that he will form a foundation to help people with addiction recovery.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Winehouse’s father said:

“If you cannot afford a private rehabilitation clinic, there is a two-year waiting list for help,” Mitch Winehouse said at his daughter’s funeral, referring to the state-provided healthcare (Charity DrugScope denied the wait time, saying it was closer to three weeks for 94 percent of people).”

A member of the British Parliament told the BBC that he would assist Winehouse’s father in his efforts.

We don’t know what happens with the wait for government-run rehab facilities in England, but Amy Winehouse’s father deserves credit for deciding that he wants to do more to help people walk away from substance abuse.

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